Tracheitis, causes and remedies

Tracheitis, causes and remedies

Tracheitis is a very serious inflammation that can involve the entire tract of the upper airways. It is important to understand whether it is bacterial, viral or allergic in nature to identify the correct prophylaxis.

Tracheitis, causes and remedies

Unfortunately, tracheitis is a disorder that we all know a little bit and we certainly have a clear understanding of its symptoms.

It is an inflammation of the trachea , that area of ​​the throat that joins the larynx to the first bronchi and is accompanied by cough , fever , cold , pain in the sternum, difficulty in breathing with rales , due to a narrowing of the trachea that in cases of severe inflammation can even become completely occluded.

There is a form of primary t racheitis a, infection directly affecting the trachea, and a secondary tracheitis , which initially involves the first airways and then deepens and focuses on the tracheal portion.

This makes us understand that it is not to be taken superficially and it is always good to consult a doctor for a correct diagnosis.

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The causes of tracheitis

Tracheitis can be of bacterial or viral origin.>  Bacterial : Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pneumoniae are the most common agents that can cause inflammation of the trachea and bring with them the most typical symptoms such as fever, sore throat, cough and difficulty in getting air from and for the bronchi. Staffilococcus aureus colonizes the upper airways so the tracheitis caused by this agent can be both primary and secondary in nature and in the latter case come from infections such as rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis. Streptococcus is the causative agent of pneumonia and serious forms of infection such as meningitis, but in our case it can also give rise to forms of bronchitis, otitis, sinusitis and tracheitis.

Viral : flu and cold viruses such as rhinovirus can affect the entire tract of the larynx or subsequently only the portion of the trachea with redness, burning, difficulty in swallowing and breathing.

Tracheitis can also originate from irritative agents such as toxic fumes, harmful substances, pollution of various kinds, allergenic substances such as pollen, animal hair, dust, all elements that contribute to irritate the mucosa and inflame the airways.

It is important to consult the doctor at the first signs because tracheitis not treated correctly can present serious complications, up to respiratory arrest and consequent death.

Remedies for the treatment of tracheitis

The doctor will carry out the so-called ” swab “, that is the taking of a sample from the mucous membranes for culture tests and establishing whether the inflammation is of bacterial origin and identifying the bacteria to be countered. In this case , the most specific antibiotic possible must be used .

In the event that the infection is instead of a viral nature , antibiotics are not needed, but we can resort to soothing remedies, including natural ones, rest and careful hydration.

If, on the other hand, the tracheitis was caused by allergenic agents it is probable the administration of drugs   based on the severity of the symptoms.

Natural adjuvant remedies.

Nature comes to our aid in support of pharmacological treatments with soothing remedies, anti-inflammatory and useful for our airways.

Mallow : thanks to the presence of flavonoids and mucilage , a Mallow herbal tea provides an anti-inflammatory effect of the entire initial tract, with a soothing, emollient and expectorant action.

Thyme : an infusion of thyme both to be used for fumigations and to drink is a natural antibacterial that fights infections of various kinds and assists pharmacological treatments, is balsamic and promotes breathing

> Cajeput in essential oil: gargling with cajeput allows you to fight infections affecting the upper airways and the entire oropharyngeal cavity. Two or three drops in warm water to rinse. It is possible to take Cajeput, if of very pure extraction, through a teaspoon of honey in which to dissolve a drop of this precious essential oil.

Propolis : a non- alcoholic Propolis solution is an excellent remedy to counteract bacterial infections. Disinfects and soothes the mouth and throat.

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