Natural remedies for oily skin

Natural remedies for oily skin

Do you have oily skin and would you like to get rid of the chemicals and creams you filled your beauty with and then be disappointed with the results? There are natural remedies that, in addition to being cheap, are also surprising in terms of results

Natural remedies for oily skin

Cleanse oily skin 

The first remedy for oily skin care is cleansing . Oily skin must be thoroughly cleansed morning and evening with a soothing and purifying product . There are many natural remedies for oily skin that help keep it clean: they range from lavender, lemon, chamomile, sage, burdock, rosemary.

It will therefore be sufficient to use a cleanser that contains these ingredients and apply it on the face after having moistened the skin with warm water. It is also possible to prepare the detergent at home so that it is totally natural; for example, lukewarm chamomile , by itself, poured on a cotton ball is a good remedy for natural cleansing of oily skin. An excellent cleanser for oily skin to use pure is hazelnut oil ; It may seem strange, but this oil, thanks to its properties, cleans the skin and frees the pores of impurities. 

Clay – a great natural remedy for oily skin 

One of the most used and best known natural remedies for oily skin is the clay mask . Be careful , however, to do it correctly . A common mistake that those with oily skin make is not paying attention to keeping the skin hydrated and treating it, therefore, with too aggressive products.

The mask must therefore be prepared with water and clay to which a teaspoon of honey or yogurt must be added; the clay itself dries and purifies, so it is better not to add further drying ingredients such as, for example, lemon. So, in practice, a good clay mask can be prepared with: half a glass of clay, a tablespoon of honey (or whole white yogurt), two or three tablespoons of water, preferably thermal. 

After preparing the mask, apply it on the face and keep it for a few minutes without making it too dry; in practice, when the skin begins to stretch it is time to wash it; to do this, the ideal is to use warm water and use a soft sponge that must be passed very gently on the skin.

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Essential oils for oily skin 

Among the natural remedies for oily skin there are certainly geranium essential oil and lemon essential oil . Both of these essential oils can be poured into water and used to make compresses on the skin, mixed with creams, or become the ingredient of a purifying mask.

In particular, lemon essential oil has antimicrobial and purifying properties, while geranium essential oil has a strong astringent and healing action. If you use lemon essential oil it is important not to expose yourself to the sun in the following hours, as, in this case, spots may appear on the skin.


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