Foods against baldness: is it better to use finasteride? Here are the results

Foods against baldness: is it better to use finasteride? Here are the results

Foods against baldness: is it better to use finasteride?  Here are the results

Among the various treatments that can be used to combat baldness there are foods, although the use of finasteride is able to ensure a better result as it is a method specially designed to combat hair loss.

Although traditionally baldness is seen as a typically male problem, in truth it is a problem that also affects women.

Studies aimed at understanding the causes of baldness are, as is usually said, in progress . In fact, at present, one of the main causes that primarily determines this event has been identified in genetics.

Can food help fight hair loss?

Undoubtedly, good food and careful hygiene are valid aids to combat baldness. In the prevention of baldness, therefore, a diet that is able to provide your body with a correct and correct supply of B vitamins, vitamin A, but also zinc and iron are essential in limiting hair loss.\

Consequently, therefore, proteins and vitamins cannot be missing in the diet of those who want to prevent hair loss. Make way for foods such as red meat, fish, chicken, beans, vegetables and cereals.

These foods can help prevent hair loss in general, but there are also other options that can help with androgenic hair loss, such as coconut oil and flaxseed, for example.

Can you actually fight baldness by using only food?

Without a doubt, a healthy diet , together with a correct lifestyle, allows you to enjoy extensive benefits. In fact, among the enemies of hair we find tobacco and alcoholic beverages .

Alcohol and cigarettes produce free radicals that promote inflammation in certain tissues, such as the scalp, which contributes to hair loss. However, these attentions, although fundamental and useful, left alone are not able to definitively solve the problem of baldness. Therefore, help is needed from specific pharmacological treatments.

A more than valid and proven treatment for androgenetic alopecia can be obtained by choosing to use finasteride. In fact, its effectiveness has been amply demonstrated by numerous studies that have been conducted over a long term in order to test its reliability and the results achieved.

Finasteride, as a treatment aimed at resolving baldness, arises from the use of the synthesis of the azosteroid molecule, thanks to which, therefore, the 5 – alpha enzyme can be inhibited.

So, ultimately, among the many anti-baldness pharmacological treatments, this turns out to be the best, the one that offers excellent results in being able to counteract hair loss. Having strong and thick hair means having greater self-confidence. In fact, the lack of hair feeds embarrassment, insecurity, becoming a real obstacle in having normal contacts with others.

To ensure, therefore, the good health of your hair, as well as being based on valid food choices , it is of fundamental importance to resort to appropriate pharmacological treatments such as those that is able to offer and guarantee finasteride, the best anti baldness currently available on the market.

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