What do I do for dinner


What do I do for dinner?


Table of Contents

  • 1 The lazy dinner
  • 2 The importance of dining
  • 3 How should dinner be?
  • 4 Get organized
    • 4.1 Food to save time
    • 4.2 Strategies
    • 4.3 Dishes

The lazy dinner

Dinner is the meal of the day that is most difficult for us to cook. And it is the final moment of the day, when our day is finally over and we can rest. We only think about being on the sofa sitting and calm, with the chores done and the children lying down. Being able to enjoy the silence and relax while reading a book or watching your favorite series. You anxiously await your moment (or the moment to share with your partner) of disconnection and relaxation, but first you have to have dinner.
And what do I have for dinner? You think while trying to come up with an easy, simple and quick dish to make.
Today I come to help you so that this does not happen to you and you always have an idea or alternative for dinner ready.

The importance of dining

Many times the solution to this problem is something like “well I don’t have dinner”, “I eat a fruit and that’s it”, “with a yogurt I pass” or “a glass of milk with cereals is what I feel like”.
That is the main problem with dinners, which tend to be incomplete and unbalanced and then come the consequences: night anxiety, poor quality of sleep, uncontrolled hunger in the morning … among others.
It is important to make a complete, healthy and balanced dinner that is composed of vegetables, whole grains and protein . Accompanied by fruit or dairy desserts. That does not mean that you have to eat two dishes plus desserts or make big dinners, but it does mean that you make complete dishes.

How should dinner be?A simple way to prepare our healthy diet

Dinner must be composed of:

  1. Vegetables and / or vegetables
  2. Whole grains or tubers: bread (biscuits, toasts, peaks, bar …), quinoa, millet, buckwheat, rice, pasta, potato, cassava …
  3. Protein: meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, seeds, legumes, nuts …
  4. Fruit or dairy

I want to clarify that at dinner if you do not have much appetite or have digestive difficulties, you can omit whole grains. It will depend on the needs of each person and the objective. As always and of course accompanied with water.

Get organized

The best thing is to have dinners planned for the whole week so as not to have to think about what to cook, but if not, we will see what resources, strategies and dishes we can have like ace up our sleeve:

Food to save timesave time

  • Canned vegetables: this way you won’t have to boil them, just open the jar, wash and serve
  • Frozen vegetables: as with those of conversation, you will only have to take out and sauté or put the micro.
  • Preserves: natural tuna, sardines in olive oil, anchovies, smoked salmon … are resources to create a different salad in 1 minute.
  • Prepared salads: the typical bag of different types of lettuce ready for consumption. Then you just have to add the rest of the ingredients.


  • Always keep the above-mentioned foods in the fridge / pantry
  • Eat the leftovers at noon.
  • Cook a cream, puree, gazpacho or soup on the weekend, freeze it in portions and defrost it every night.
  • Have a cereal or vegetable base and vary the rest of the ingredients to create a different salad or dish each night.


seven minute dinners nutritionists eat

  • Complete salads with greens, vegetables, nuts, protein, whole grains:
    • Fresh cheese and tomato salad
    • Avocado, tomato, onion and dried fruit salad
    • Potato salad with carrot, egg and peas
    • Green salad with seeds and smoked salmon
    • Arugula, walnut and pear salad
  • Creams, purees, gazpacho or soups by adding a potato and a low-fat cheese, to make them complete. We can add Serrano ham flakes and whole wheat toast to the gazpacho.
  • Scrambled eggs: vegetables, mushrooms, prawns and asparagus, garlic …
  • Tortillas: with vegetables, mushrooms, ham, cheese …

You see that it is not as complicated as you thought and that in this way you can have a healthy, complete and balanced dinner every day!

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