The firms of guest dresses for September weddings that you still do not know

The firms of guest dresses for September weddings that you still do not know

If you do not know how to dress for an autumn wedding and you have one soon, you are interested in knowing these guest dress firms that you still do not have controlled to inspire you and get the most original suit of the season .

The best guest dresses have the firms that you still do not know. Antonio Terrón
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To the arduous task of finding a guest dress that favors us while avoiding the risk of coinciding with someone, the dilemma of halftime is now added . We have just returned from our holidays and maybe we will keep the tan that we have worked on between the beach and the pool these months. It is understandable that we want to show it off and then opt for a short or low-cut dress , perhaps with the shoulders or back exposed . However, the nights are getting cooler and autumn is already rearing its head. That is why we wonder whether or not it would be more appropriate to go dressed in autumn to awedding in september . The answer is given by the new collections of those original guest firms that you still do not know. Thanks to these not only can we be sure that no one will be wearing the dress we have chosen but we can also know what to wear at all times if we are aware of the latest releases. These that we show you are some of those firms we are talking about.


Fame Partners dress. Fame Partners

Fame and Partners is a contemporary guest dress brand conceived for a modern woman that celebrates diversity and is designed according to a sustainable manufacturing philosophy .


MVP Wardrobe dress. MPV Wardrobe

MVP Wardrobe was born from the idea of Italian influencer Maria Vittoria Paolillo to create a wardrobe that is refreshed and renewed monthly. Their designs are therefore adjusted to the most current trends and are constantly changing so if you trust this firm for your fall weddings you can have the guarantee that no one will dress like you.


Alenia is a 100% Spanish fashion brand designed for current women and inspired by international trends. It has elegant and feminine designs made from elaborate patterns.


Natividad Pacheco Soldado is the founder of Michonet , who for 10 years was the creative director of Scalpers. It is not a firm specifically for guest looks, but it is a brand where you can find several options for your fall weddings because all the designs respond to the concept of artisan haute couture and are highly original.


Koahari dress. Koahari

It is a Spanish online fashion firm that promotes the concepts of slow fashion , elegance, color, style and sensuality. Koa and hari are two Maori terms that mean joy and happiness and those are precisely the values ​​that you will transmit when you see one of their pieces.

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