The best haircuts for women over 500

The best haircuts for women over 500

Hair can do wonders for your image. Finding a perfect cut is the best antiaging trick when you reach a certain age. These lifting effect cuts will rejuvenate you on the spotJournalist specialized in lifestyle and beauty issues.

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As we get older, we incorporate  anti-aging cosmetics into our beauty routines to combat expression lines, wrinkles, facial sagging, loss of volume and the other effects that the passage of time tends to have on our face. But … did you know that there is a faster way to get a few years off your back? A haircut! That’s right … A proper makeover can rejuvenate you on the spot. There are plenty of Ortes modern and asy to wear hair past 50 years , which will set you wonder. 

Susi Rejano confirms that the micro bob is the most chic haircut beyond 50

A strategic haircut can help us rejuvenate the face. We speak of cuts with a lifting effect when they help us to highlight certain facial features such as the look, the chin, the mouth as a whole and, of course, the lips. The lifting effect favors facial expression, reducing signs of flaccidity and improving definition, tone and shine on the face.


There is no single secret to achieving a youthful-looking face through hair. Many players play in this game (the state of the hair, the texture, the color and the cut) and you have to take them all into account. What should you do after 50 so that the years do not pass through your hair?  

  • Avoid smooth and very straight cuts. It is interesting to avoid smooth and too straight cuts that can harden the features, providing seriousness and a few more years of appearance. Waves always give a fun, casual style that rejuvenates and softens angular features or square faces.
  • Never say no to layers. Cuts that include layers add volume to hair that has lost density and structure. Layers help generate more movement and achieve a more relaxed look. Playing with waves, asymmetries and layers allows us to rejuvenate the face and add freshness, as well as stylize it. When the layers start just below the jaw, they decrease the visual volume in the middle of the face and avoid rounded faces.
  • Bangs, why not? The work with the bangs can be decisive. The side bangs that end on the cheek are very flattering for faces with small foreheads. For broader fronts and angular or square faces, it is better to go for curtain effect bangs that end just below the eyebrow. Finally, the slightly arched bangs add volume to the front area and visually lengthen the face. 
  • A cut to suit you. They say that each age has its hair and it is true that hair also ages and loses its vigor and firmness over time. Broadly speaking, it could be said that medium hair and cuts up to the clavicle are two safe bets after 50. However, it cannot be generalized. Facial features also have a lot to say. It is essential to customize the cut. Custom-made work must be done taking into account the physiognomy, the expression, the look, the features, even the character that emerges from each face., beyond even what we perceive visually. More than taking into account the length of the mane, it is about playing with volumes and textures. The key is to play with layers, gradients, runways, asymmetries, volume and texture, looking for versatile finishes that refine the features, soften the angles and lengthen the more rounded faces.  


Surely these tips are very useful if you are considering changing your image. If you are undecided, it is possible that the cuts that we propose will help you make a decision. For added security, check with your stylist. A good professional will tell you what the best options are for you. He will know how to recommend the most appropriate look to your physiognomy, your tastes, your way of life and your personality.


A fun and youthful cut, summery and carefree that elevates the features and stylizes the facial oval by highlighting the cheekbones, highlighting the look . Alternating dark and light highlights gives an even more sense of abundance. Another option is to parade the ends and relax the waves by adding a Parisian fringe. This detail gives the pixie an extra touch of freshness and a glamorous undertone. 

Bob with waves

The interesting thing about the Bobs is that the cut always goes above the clavicle, being ideal the one that ends at the foot of the jaw. They lengthen the neck, show the nape, refine the face and give a lot of play in all its versions : asymmetrical, wavy, curly cuts, with intermixed or shaved layers, with side parting, curtain bangs … It has a lot of possibilities. With surf waves – as 

Long bob

The Long Bob is another very suitable alternative for women over 50 who do not quite dare with a shorter hair. It is slightly longer and suits practically all types of faces very well. The most rejuvenating version is the asymmetrical, blunt Long Bob with soft waves and side bangs down to the cheek.  

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