The best exercise to improve your heart health

Aerobic exercise, the best for cardiovascular health

The best exercise to improve your heart health

Aerobic exercise is the most suitable exercise to improve cardiovascular health. It is so called because its moderate intensity means that, during its performance, oxygen reaches all the cells of the body without problem. They are gentle exercises suitable for people of all ages: walking, swimming, cycling, dancing or aerobics.

Aerobic exercise works by reducing several of the cardiovascular risk factors

Aerobic exercise is the most suitable for losing weight , but it is also the most recommended for improving the cardiovascular system . And this beneficial effect occurs both in healthy people and in people who have had a cardiovascular problem.

It also reduces the levels of total cholesterol in the blood, as well as the levels of LDL cholesterol or “bad cholesterol” and triglycerides and increases HDL cholesterol or “good cholesterol”, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Its practice also reduces blood pressure and stress.

To get the maximum benefit it should be done for at least half an hour.


Functions of aerobic exercise

1. Improves heart function. 

2. Lowers blood pressure. 

3. Reduces total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol.

4. Improves general vascularization and that of the heart.

5. Reduces body fat.

6. Helps normalize blood glucose levels.

7. Improves lung capacity.

8. Reduce stress.

9. Helps the reabsorption of calcium by the bone.

10. Increases endorphin levels improving mood and promoting physical, emotional and social well-being.


How to prepare for aerobic exercise

  • Wear the appropriate clothing , preferably cotton to facilitate perspiration and loose to allow good mobility.
  • Wear the right footwear for each activity. This helps prevent injury and optimize exercise. 
  • Maintain adequate hydration , ingesting approximately one and a half liters of water before, during and after exercise, continuously and in small sips.
  • Before starting the exercise, warm up muscles and joints for at least 10 minutes. After finishing the exercise, gently stretching the muscles helps muscle recovery.

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