The 8 hair colors that allow you to even do without makeup and flatter at any age

The 8 hair colors that allow you to even do without makeup and flatter at any age

There are hair colors with the same effect on your skin as good makeup . Yes, even better than a good concealer , highlighter or sun powder . We asked Spanish hairdressers which are the ones that you can already order in your hairdresser for shades that best suit any age and that allow you to go even without makeup.

Dakota Johnson wears a shiny chocolate brown that we love and with nuances that flatters her skin and brings light to different areas of the face. GTres Online.
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When the new season arrives and we lose our summer tan, nothing like betting on a hair color (in addition to a good haircut for autumn ) that makes us look good and even allows us to go out without makeup or at least with makeup do not make up that gives us light to the skin and looks spectacular.

As Pedro Moreno , Education Manager of Jean Louis David , assures us , the key is to wear shiny hair to lift the color of the duller manes. And bet on hair colors that make light and pigments highlight the features of the face. In addition, we have asked two other coloring experts , what are the hair colors that allow us to go almost to face washed or without makeup (hardly) because they are very flattering and you can and should also try in autumn because they are a trend.


Penelope Cruz wears hazelnut and honey highlights on her brown hair. GTres Online.

They are the hair colors that leave the skin more homogeneous, since they soften it and even out the tone. We are talking about hazelnut and honey hair tones or highlights that achieve a BB Cream effect . “If some of the front strands are also lightened, they leave the skin uniform and luminous and help to frame the face and enhance the luminosity of the skin,” says David Lorente . Penelope Cruz is currently wearing these highlights and they look great on chestnuts.


Margot Robbie debuts a sandy blonde this fall, perfect for achieving an incredible good face with just no makeup. GTres Online.

The multi-toned, sandy-hued blonde that combines ash blonde and golden blonde creates “an incredible combination of highlights and medium highlights to result in multi-dimensional hair that are perfect for someone who wants to maintain a mane that brings the light of summer all over. the year “tells us Álex Sestelo , director of the homonymous salon. An ideal tone to achieve that juicy skin effect that we like so much even without makeup base. You just have to see how spectacular Margot Robbie looks.


Anya Taylor-Joy, with a blonde buttery blonde mane. GTres Online.

Warm and creamy, the butter blonde with beige reflections is perfect for illuminating the dullest and sallow skins, and even mature skins, since, as stylist David Lorente assures us , “it brings a touch of pink, just what we are looking for with the makeup bases “. We are inspired to wear it by actress Anya Taylor-Joy


Sofía Vergara with blonde hair with nutty undertones. GTres Online.

For the stylist Álex Sestelo , the blonde tones with the nuances of walnut, cashew, or almond are a trend this fall and mixed with both brown hair or on blondes with neutral light brown highlights, they result in a look that always favors and makes us look good. . You just have to see Sofía Vergara to prove it.


Kristen Stewart has just changed her look by opting for a rosé champagne blonde hair color that illuminates her skin. GTres Online.

Other hair tones such as champagne rosé blonde or blonde with pink nuances as worn by Kristen Stewart, provided that it is dressed with slightly golden reflections, it has the ability to “raise” the natural color of the skin by two tones with hardly any makeup. In addition, “it is ideal for the paler skins that do not leave the house without spreading a good dose of bronzing powder “.


Glossy black or shiny black is another of the tones that enhances the skin and is also a trend. Imaxtree.

The only condition is to have fair skin and opt for a total black hair or glossy black for your hair that enhances the shine of your hair, “if the finish is matte, the only thing it will achieve is to harden the features,” says David Lorente. . When contrasting with the skin, the result is as if a mattifying translucent powder had been spread. “It is also ideal for excessively oily skin with a tendency to accumulate shine, since the contrast neutralizes them”, says the stylist.

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