Slimming through the feet, does it work

Slimming through the feet, does it work?

Table of Contents

  • 1 The Resurrection of Foot Weight Loss Methods
  • 2 Methods to lose weight by feet
    • 2.1 The real problem with these methods
    • 2.2 The solution to this problem

The Resurrection of Foot Weight Loss Methods

Slim down through your feet, does that sound familiar? There will be who would seem a novel idea and is already typing into Google to buy these inventions, because what if it works ?, but the fact is that for years went to the market (2011) , although it seems that now reemerge from tght it was all made up, they surprise us with patches and rings to lose weight, for the feet!

In these weeks, there have been several people who have told me about patches and rings to lose weight , for the feet. With just “lose weight” and “feet” in the same sentence, we can already deduce that there is a cat locked up. But of course, if they have asked me it is because there was a (although small) doubt. To what extent can the industry play on our ignorance?

Weight Loss Through Your Feet - Eating with Maria

Methods to lose weight on the feet

Silicone rings

There are probably more gadgets for it, but I’m going to tell you about the two that have reached my screens:

  1. With silicone rings.  It is a silicone ring that is put on the big toe and has a magnetic device that acts on 1,000 acupuncture points on a scale, with which you will help reduce the accumulated fat in the body, increase your metabolism and improve blood circulation . Obviously I am quoting verbatim what they say they do and how it works, because obviously we are facing one more fraud.
  2. Foot patches. In this case we are facing a detox case. These are patches that detoxify your body, specifically “they act to cleanse the liver saturated with drugs, sugars and fats. The action is naturally effective in detoxifying the body while sleeping, effectively removing toxins and metabolic residues that are harmful to health ”. Yes, another fraud.

Of course, always accompanied by a healthy diet and daily physical activity. But that does not influence the loss at all, it is all thanks to the ring / patch. Does my irony show?

The real problem with these methods

Although this is a problem, the culprit for it is not the consumer, but the seller. The consumer is not guilty of believing in it and paying for it, he is probably a victim of despair and desire to lose weight .

But whoever creates, sells and markets it, that is the great culprit. Because with full consciousness he is playing with people, they know they have a need and they take advantage of it to sell them smoke.

I also give part of the blame to those who promote that product, such as influencers or celebrities , who for a few dollars give their image (slim and curvy) to be associated with the use of the product. In this specific case there are no serious consequences, at least not for health, but we have other gadgets and miracle products that do, such as tongue mesh or slimming pills. So again, it is not the health of the people, but the money of the industry.

The solution to this problem

The solution is very simple: do not believe anything . And as I explain in the diaita course, less if:

  • They promise quick results or amazing or “magical” results (eg: “miracle cure”, “secret ingredient”, “ancient remedy”, “hunger stimulation point”, “thermogenesis” etc.).
  • They prohibit the consumption of a food or food group.
  • They contain statements that contradict health groups of recognized reputation.
  • Include stories, stories or testimonies, without documentation, to add credibility.
  • They can be self-administered or implemented without the involvement of qualified healthcare professionals (“do it yourself”).
  • They contain lists of good and bad foods.
  • They exaggerate or distort the scientific reality of a nutrient or food.
  • They include or are based on the consumption of preparations sold by those who promote dietary treatment.
  • The preparations to be consumed (diet products or similar) have a very high cost if we compare them with the economic value of obtaining the same results by eating common foods.
  • They guarantee results or promise to “pay you back” if it doesn’t work.
  • Claims that suggest that the product is safe, as it is “natural.”
  • They tend to dissociate themselves from the possible adverse effects of their use with phrases such as: “the author or manufacturer is not responsible for …”.
  • Simplistic conclusions drawn from a complex scientific study.
  • Recommendations based on a single study, or on studies conducted with a few people (non-representative sample), followed for a short period of time (they are usually accompanied by phrases such as “scientific discovery”).
  • Or based on various studies carried out in animals or in cell models (in vitro).
  • Or from studies that ignore differences between individuals or groups.

We also have another solution: put ourselves in good hands, in the hands of a qualified dietitian-nutritionist who will help us lose weight . Not looking for the fast and easy way, but the way to change habits and a healthy diet. If the road is long, the result will be long.

And if not, learn. Learn to be healthy thanks to good lifestyle habits . Learn to lead a healthy life.

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