Six cardigans perfect for halftime (and that go well with everything)

Six cardigans perfect for halftime (and that go well with everything)

The cardigans have become an essential basic to update your sundresses , under trench coats and raincoats in case refreshes or simply combined with your favorite jeans for a versatile look and ideal for day to day.

Cardigans have become an infallible staple of the ...
Cardigans have become an infallible halftime staple TOMÁS DE LA FUENTE
  • Fashion trends. The jacket that has been in your wardrobe for years will also be a trend this fall
  • Fashion trends. Light jackets for these days when it is still cool at sunset

Due, in large part, to the good times that knitwear lives , cardigans woven in this material are part of those pieces that your grandmother, your mother or yourself could wear when you were a child. Prada stripped them of their demure character a few seasons ago and turned them into a sexy piece of clothing . Along these lines, the French women made the cardigan a faithful companion to all their jeans , but also the absolute protagonist of some of their nighttime looks by coordinating it with special black tops and very feminine dresses .

At the gates of the new season, the fashion experts (and the catwalk) have explored the thousand and one lives that this garment of modest vocation can have: with matching bralette like Katie Holmes , with just a bra underneath, like Jeanne Damas or Sabina Socol , rolled up and wearing a basic shirt, like Jeanette Madsen … the options are endless. With all these data, we know that the cardigan will still stay with us for many months and, therefore, we select the best for halftime and to combine with your entire wardrobe.


Relaxed and with a wide V-neckline, this Mango jacket captures the essence of grunge that defined the aesthetic of the 90s. It is the perfect alternative for casual weekend moments and, if you combine it with jeans and a basic t-shirt, you will achieve a simple but highly effective styling .

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A white cardigan is the epitome of versatility . And it is that although pastel colors and patterns can give a lot of life to a style, white always works and, sometimes, that is all we need. Combine it with other pieces in neutral colors to achieve a relaxed but elegant look , with jeans, with printed garments … It is difficult to fail when it comes to a white knitted jacket.

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Although the naive- inspired short jacket is king, there is also room for long cardigans this season. Considered as garments-for-everything thanks to its enormous versatility, its functional qualities make it an infallible basic.

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