Sara Carbonero and her latest style trick to say goodbye to summer

Sara Carbonero and her latest style trick to say goodbye to summer

The journalist Sara Carbonero is already working again, albeit on a beautiful project, as she herself says on her social networks, and incidentally takes the opportunity to give us the best trick to update summer dresses so that you can continue wearing them in autumn.

Sara Carbonero in a Cortana dress.
  • Beauty. This is how Sara Carbonero’s braids are made in a few minutes (step by step)
  • Looks. Sara Carbonero’s crochet top and her denim shorts that will inspire your seasonal looks

August is ending, and Sara Carbonero has already started working, but not on her Radio Marca program, but on what seems like a project related to art and in which she inspires us with her relaxed look . In a studio that looks like an artist’s, due to the paint stains on the floor, and posing for Felix Valiente, Sara is still in Cádiz.

The last days of your summer in a wonderful house in Zaraha de los Atunes with your children, are the best way to recharge your batteries and offer us style tips . Yesterday he gave us ideas on how to make us two braids , today he shows us how to update your summer dresses and also wear them in autumn.


Maybe it had never occurred to us, but looking at the journalist, it seems like a winning combination . The long dress is from the designer Cortana , which you can find discounted (from 715 to 500.50 euros).

Papaya dress, by Cortana. Cortana

It is made of silk cut on the bias, with a print that starts from a watercolor, and loose cut, and with a row of diagonal buttons that the journalist wears unbuttoned, on wide, straight, long and torn jeans.

Jeans from Zara. Zara

Baggy, straight and washed blue that goes with everything, Sara adds that relaxed touch of her slow life philosophy . You can find that type of cowboy at Zara (29.95 euros).

And to finish with a super trendy look, the Birkenstocks could not be missed , which are worn by celebrities like Eugenia Silva , but also by insiders when they go to fashion shows or events.

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