Pippa Middleton’s favorite sport reminds us a lot of Kate Middleton’s routine

Pippa Middleton’s favorite sport reminds us a lot of Kate Middleton’s routine

Like her sister, the Duchess of Cambridge , Pippa Middleton loves being in contact with nature . It comes from his childhood and, therefore, it has not surprised us at all to know what his favorite exercise is with which he has managed to reconcile sport and family life .

Pippa Middleton is a born athlete who loves a challenge ...
Pippa Middleton is a born athlete who loves outdoor challenges. Getty Images
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With two little ones at home, one two years old and the other barely six months old, we know that it is not easy to resume sports activity. Although a good exercise addict always finds the best formula to reconcile. To Pippa Middleton the idea came from before, because she has always been an enthusiast of sports in general and of the one that involves contact with nature in particular. In fact, he has dared to face challenges such as climbing Mont Blanc , participating in the Patrouille de Glacier (a ski touring race) or riding a bike for 3,000 miles .

Pippa Middleton loves challenges. So the reconciliation of sport with family life has become one. “In the last two years, family life and motherhood have consumed a large part of my free time and, of course, the challenges that I liked have gone to the background,” she commented at the presentation of the Hoka shoes One One. Running , on the other hand, is his star sport that never fails him. It is part of her weekly sports routine, although not to the level I was used to before being a mother: “Running and being in shape is still part of my weekly routine, but not at the same level as before. I’ve run more after babies and toddlers than to cross the finish lines, which is fine for me, for now. “

T-shirt, leggings, baby carriage and running, Pippa Middleton’s conciliation technique.Gtres

With this exercise he has been able to combine all his passions: family, sport and contact with nature . It comes from his childhood, from those days when he shared a country-style upbringing with Kate Middleton. “I grew up in the country, so taking the sport outdoors is in my blood,” said Pippa Middleton. We have been able to see his sister, the Duchess of Cambridge, even in action when in different events she has had no qualms about demonstrating her ability in foot races.

“Like all of us, I have faced different obstacles and challenges, but running, as part of my routine, has given me clarity when I have been feeling confused. It has given me a safe space before making any important decisions and a sense of freedom when the pressures of life overwhelm me. Running and sports in general have been a constant light in my life, “says Pippa Middleton. How have you managed to find the moment not to stop practicing it? Involving his family in it, making his two little ones also enjoy sports and nature. Running through forests or parks for little Arthur (his two-year-old son) to enjoy with his pets or pushing the cart of Grace so that she does not stay out of the activity even if she does not know how to walk, the point is that the celebrity always looks for the formula in which none of her passions are left out.

Kate Middleton has come to demonstrate her running skills at public events.Gtres

The same thing happened to Kate Middleton . According to the Daily Mail, the Duchess loves to run and always finds time for it. Norfolk have even seen him practice running with Charlotte in her stroller and her dog Lupo to the side. “When we were kids, we spent a lot of time outside, and it’s something I’m passionate about. I think it ‘s great for physical and mental well-being and laying the groundwork. It’s a great environment to hang out and build quality relationships without the distractions of “having to do” things, the royal has explained on occasion.

Typically, the habits that both Kate and Pippa shared as children are passed on to their children today. “Being such an active family has stuck with my son , there is nothing he likes more than running through the woods, parks and fields with our two dogs , even if there is a gale and it is pouring rain,” explains Pippa Middleton who, in addition to enjoying exercise, recognizes that this sport has helped him to be strong and healthy throughout his life.

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