Mango has the most beautiful dresses to wear in autumn

Mango has the most beautiful dresses to wear in autumn

What are you waiting for to start equipping your fall wardrobe? The new trends of the season are already arriving in stores. These are the dresses that you will not get rid of next season.

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It doesn’t matter what season of the year you are in. Dresses are always the big winners . The same help you create a casual look, which helps you to be perfect in the office or make you shine with your own light in a more special event.  Make sure to equip your fall wardrobe with the trends of the season that suit you the most and the success of your outfits will be assured.

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If you are wondering which are the ones that are going to take the next season the most, you are in luck. At CLARA we already told you a few weeks ago the trends in dresses for Autumn / Winter 2021-2022 and now we do a review so you don’t get lost.


  • Fluids The vaporous fabrics and with a spectacular fall will sweep this season. Without a doubt, good news, since they favor all types of bodies equally . They do not mark anything, they are comfortable and they stylize the silhouette.
  • Shirts. The shirt dresses again (if you have been at some point). It is a trend that is suitable for all types of women. You just have to find the best way to wear it. Fitted, loose, with or without a belt, plain or patterned … There is something for all tastes.
  • Linen and with transparencies. Sensual, elegant and irresistible. This is the trend that the most prominent designers have uploaded to the catwalks and that is imposed for the cold months. Have you tried wearing them with flat shoes and an oversized cardigan? This will give it a more casual and earthy air. 
  • Knitted. Another basic that is very flattering and, in addition, is super comfortable. This season , midi lengths, fitted and with deep necklines that leave the shoulders exposed, will triumph .
  • Oriental-inspired. Who said kimonos  are only for spring and summer? The cold months are also going to be in full swing! Oriental-inspired dresses are going to be a hit . Wear them with some killer heels if you are going out or with flat boots to go to work.
  • With geometric prints. Are you a bit checkered? Join this trend! The geometric prints of the 70s are back. They will be present in all kinds of garments, but they will have their maximum prominence in dresses. No more going unnoticed … They won’t take their eyes off you!
  • Leather effect.   Leather-effect garments are back. And the dresses take the cake! They will be key  to creating ideal outfits to go to any event, but they will also sweep the street style.
  • With openings. It does not matter what type … On the back, on the waist, on the sides … The designers propose openings in any of their forms, although circular ones with some type of accessory or applique take the cake. And, best of all … they feel great!
  • Metallized. We love brilli-brilli. Glitter and metallic fabrics (especially in silver tones) will awaken our most festive spirit also in autumn . Don’t even think about wearing these dresses only on special occasions. Combined with the right accessories they are perfect even for going to the office.
  • Draped and gathered. They are feminine and ideal to enhance the siluteta. Contrary to what many people think, drapes and gathers are not fattening. On the contrary … they stylize! Placed in strategic areas they can do wonders for your figure. They will be a perfect tool to show off a killer body this fall.  

Printed pleated dress

There is nothing more versatile and comfortable than a flowy dress. This floral print mini skirt is a good example of this. Combined with a denim jacket, it will be worth it for day to day. If you want to give it a chic touch, add a belt … and voila

Belted shirt dres

In addition to adding a plus of style to your looks, shirt dresses are suitable for all types of bodies . This garment will give you a lot of play. You can play with overlays and wear it over jeans as a gabardine or leave the last buttons undone so that the leg appears subtly while you walk … It will become a basic of your wardrobe. 

Dress with transparent sleeves

Playing with transparencies has always been a good resource to get romantic and elegant outfits . This blue design with transparent sleeves also incorporates a large bow at the neck, another of the trends that will be sweeping this season.

Long knit dress

If you don’t have knit dresses in your closet, you have to get one quickly. This fall they are going to literally sweep away. You can opt for a fitted one (an infallible basic) or bet on one with more fall that is looser. This design has a flattering v-neckline that you can strategically drop to the side to subtly slide off the shoulder.  

Add some color to fall with this knit design with multicolored stripes . A wool jacket and boots will complete a casual look, perfect for going to the office. 

Floral print kimono dress

Nothing more exotic than giving an oriental air to your image with a kimono dress. This piece is a two-in-one that will do you a lot of service this fall (and any other time of the year). Wear it tied as a dress or wear it open and play with the overlays.

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Geometric print dress

Geometric prints add a touch of joy and fun to fall. They dot all kinds of garments, but the 70s seeped in with force in short dresses with a straight cut, with high neck, light fabrics and bold colors. With this lilac design by Mango you will feel that you have traveled back in time and you are in that era. 

Faux leather shirt dress

If you like dresses that simulate skin, but fitted designs don’t go much with you, you can jump on the bandwagon of this trend with this handsome Mango shirt. A classic with a touch of modernity that you can wear loose or with a belt to mark your silhouette a little more . 

Knit dress with slit at the back

Two trends in one: knit and openings! This mustard-colored fitted design features an attractive slit at the back. A feminine and super flattering detail to stand out  in your autumn gatherings.

Metallic asymmetric dress

Glitter and metallic fabrics are going strong. This asymmetrical neckline and long puff sleeve dress will make you shine like no other at any party or event of the season. In addition, it is very low. A great opportunity!

This design from the new Mango collection will not go unnoticed. Its satin fabric, its crossed V-neckline, its long puffed sleeves and its delicate floral print make it one of the most showy pieces. You can wear it loose on informal occasions or wear it with a thin belt to enhance your waist and refine your silhouette. 

Ruched dress with puff sleeves

You may think that a dress with gathered details will add a few pounds to your silhouette. Nothing is further from reality! This scoop neck midi design with long puff sleeves with elasticated cuffs streamlines and camouflages imperfections. 

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