Lilac is the color of summer, what shades can you combine it with?

Lilac is the color of summer, what shades can you combine it with?

Betting on a trend is not always easy, but if you have fallen in love with the new summer color, you have to know how to combine it.

Lilac is the color of summer.
Lilac is the color of summer. JAVIER BIOSCATELVA
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It became the quintessential summer color a couple of years ago and has been on the rise ever since. The lilac (along with other pastels) returns each year when temperatures begin to rise in all formats: dresses , tops , pants, bags , scarves and even sunglasses . However, sometimes we are afraid to bet on a trend like this for fear of not knowing how to combine it in our looks. Although it is true that using black, white, beige or gray is a success, we do not always want to use neutral colors for our outfits. So … what colors go with lilac ?


Combining lilac with orange is guaranteed success. Whether you do it with different clothes or if you give it the touch of orange with an accessory , this tone will play in your favor if you want to create a harmonious look .


Lilac is a pastel color that combines perfectly in all its shades, even lavender, purple or violet, but also with other pastel colors such as blue, green or pink.


We all have some (or several) jeans in the closet so combine your favorite lilac garment with another in denim fabric (the lighter the better) and join the summer trend.


The yellow blends well with almost any color, since it could almost enter the group of neutral if we talk about a more subdued tone. However, with lilac it even combines a fluorine yellow , so if you have a garment in this tone (difficult to combine), you already have the perfect ally.

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