Interview with: Cristina

Interview with: Cristina

A girl with a very sweet appearance will be able to train you in the FAST of Santa María de la Cabeza . But do not trust appearances, which her clients say is very, very sugary. Get to know her through this interview and go ahead and request a free trial with her.

Tell me who you are and why you do this.

I am Cristina, with a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, and I am a personal electrostimulation trainer at the FAST in Santa María de la Cabeza .

Why have you decided to dedicate yourself to personal training?

First, I decided on the FAST company, since they only take graduates from CCAFYDE, and nowadays in this sector it is super complicated to be valued for the degree you have. It is a plus. So, as a result of finding this job, I decided to continue. I didn’t know anything about electrostimulation, I had no idea. I came to the interview and said “what is this?” He had read something, but far above. He had seen other types of vests, but he had not used them … He did not know how it was used, nor the wave type … I had no idea how it was going.

When you first put on the vest, what feelings did you have?

The day I did the interview, and for the first time I put on the vest, I thought “we are going to give it our all”. When I do sports, I do it to the fullest or I do nothing … I don’t like things in the middle. The day I did the test there I really liked it. I ended up very tired, and after two days with soreness. But with that level of fatigue that if you are used to doing sports you say “well one more day, what difference does it make”. Then I went through interviews, trainings … I became attached to the trainings and they gave me the opportunity … I think it is a way to grow in the world of Fitness. I believe that this is the technology that is adapted to the new needs that are going to arrive or are arriving.

Before this job, did you work in Fitness?

I worked for three years as a sports technician in an indirectly managed sports center. I have also worked as a technician for the Madrid City Council sporadically due to substitutions.

Besides FAST , do you have another job?

I work in a center giving Pilates classes. I have a great time doing both. So you are not all the time with the same thing and disconnect the chip.

What sports have you played?

I play basketball. From 7 years old to now. This is the main reason why I highly value having a morning schedule in Santa María de la Cabeza, because I can continue training in the afternoon and practice my sport, my hobby. I am in the first autonomic female.

What fills you up the most about training?

Everything. It fills me that clients continue to want to train with me. People really keep coming because they have their coach, because they like how you train, because they see results. Here we have many sedentary people, for example a dentist who tells me that he has limited time, that he comes, exercises and leaves, because he does not do anything else throughout the week, but with this he manages to stay. He says that he does not get fat, he does not lose weight, but that he manages to stay, feel better, more vital, climb the stairs without getting tired. These kinds of things are what I like the most, motivating people to start an active life.

What has been your greatest achievement?

I have a client who started with a coach who was before me. I entered this center a year ago and that was when training began with me. To this day she keeps coming back and she says she hates training, she hates exercise. But we have achieved that as a result of coming here, she has also joined the gym, and that she had not exercised in her life. He says FAST isn’t going to quit, because he loves it and that even if it’s only 20 minutes, it’s 20 minutes well spent. He says this won’t let him. In the gym he goes to, which is the one across the street, they tell him to leave FAST, because they see us as competition, instead of seeing it as something parallel. She is clear that she is not going to leave FAST, despite what they tell her in the gym, because she likes how we treat her, she finds it fun and she knows that it is different. I, as a coach, FA I see ST compatible with any other exercise. In fact, it motivates me to get a person who has not done anything in his life to change his habits and exercise more than he does here with me. For example, they tell me “today I’m going to take a walk through Madrid Río”.

What’s the biggest rarity that has happened to you here at FAST?

A woman who thought this was putting on her vest, plugging into the machine, and momentum did it all. It was thought that she did not have to move. As much as he tried to motivate her to do the exercises faster, to activate her metabolism, and to enter another type of phase … she was incapable. He would go up to the step three times and say “oh, I’m very tired”, and stop. There you have to be very above the person. The woman was not sufficiently motivated, she came two weeks yes and two weeks … They are people who do not realize what they need, and do not see exercise as a way to solve the deficits they have.

Do you train with electrostimulation often?

Yes. The program I usually use is Antiaging. It is the star program that FAST has. I do not use any other type of program, because I also train a lot outside and I do not want to put a brutal load on myself.

What would you say to someone who is considering starting to exercise with FAST but has not yet decided?

That he will always have a coach who knows about this at his disposal, that it is a short time and that he takes time, at least two months, to see the progress.

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