How to plan and organize your diet

How to plan and organize your diet

how to plan and organize your diet

We already saw in a post how to create your own healthy weekly menu that the first step to planning and organizing your diet is creating a menu. We also know how to balance and vary it thanks to the post balance and vary your healthy diet . It is therefore time to plan and organize the diet, taking as a guideline the menu prepared by ourselves.

To plan and organize your diet it is necessary to have a varied weekly menu, it is important to have the menu of the week always in view in the kitchen and whenever you go shopping, take the menu so that you do not miss any ingredient at the time of cook each dish.

Many times we do not carry out the elaborated menu because we lack some ingredient to prepare the dish that it touches, because we neglect to defrost the fish in the morning … In short, an organization is needed after planning, and that is what we do to see with this post.

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  • 1 How to plan your diet
  • 2 Organization of your diet
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    • 2.2 Diet for the weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
    • 2.3 Diet for the week
    • 2.4 Notes:
  • 3 conclusion

How to plan your diet

  1. Prepare the weekly menu
  2. Balance it and vary it
  3. Always have it in sight (hanging in the fridge, for example)
  4. Make the shopping list (with the menu next to it)
  5. Have all the necessary food to prepare the menu

Organization of your diet

To organize the diet we must make an agenda or a weekly calendar, where we will write down everything we must do to make it as easy as possible to carry out the menu without exceptions. In it we will write down the lunch and dinner of the day and everything we have to have prepared for the next day’s dishes. The ingredients and food for breakfast, mid-morning and snack will be included in the shopping list, but we can always add a note in this regard.

I propose this template to you, but you can use whatever you feel comfortable with. Download weekly menu planning template.

To show a button

Let’s say my menu is the following:

Therefore, the organization will be as follows (you can expand it by clicking on the image):

As you can see, Sunday is the key day to organize all the meals and dishes of the week. In this case we will prepare:

Diet for the weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

  • The vegetable patés, for Sunday lunch and we can also save a little for a breakfast (maximum until Wednesday) or make it serve as a complement to a dinner.
  • The escalibada: it will serve us for garnishes, first courses and some breakfast. It also lasts up to 5 days in the fridge
  • The cream or vegetable puree. We can freeze it in individual portions and thus it will be enough to remove our tupper from the freezer and heat it for 2 minutes on the micro, to have dinner ready in no time.
  • Whole grains: we can boil and store in the fridge (which also lasts for 5 days) whole grains such as quinoa, whole wheat pasta, brown rice and buckwheat, to make salads, side dishes and stir-fries more quickly and easily during the week.
  • We can buy the vegetables frozen that come already minced and it is only “skillet and ready” or we can also dedicate a little time on Sunday to chop and freeze vegetables to have a garnish or a first sauteed dish ready.

Diet for the week

As for cooking, perhaps there is something pending to do during the week because it does not hold as much in the fridge as the dough of the crepes can be, but they will be specific things and they do not take much time to prepare either. As a preparation, it will be necessary to defrost things in time, such as prawns or puree, if you cannot put it to defrost in the micro, but it will always be better if it is defrosted in time. If you consume meat and frozen fish (or congeláis that do weekly or monthly purchase) you must note down “Thaw meat, fish …” on the day before the day touch .


In the notes section you can add anything you need to remember, such as buying some food for breakfast or some other intake or “picking up tuppers from mom’s house”: P.


You see that with good planning and organization, everything is much easier. I encourage you to put it into practice and explain your experience to me. It is also important to learn to eat and not just follow an elaborate menu, in case at any given moment you need to improvise or you have to make a last minute change, you are missing a food or ingredient, you had something that is expired … that is why it is so important nutritional education, which is learned by following a dietary treatment with a nutritionist dietitian or by taking nutrition courses, such as those available on the web.

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