How Álvaro Neil, from, has lowered cholesterol

How Álvaro Neil, from, has lowered cholesterol

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  • 1 Do you know Álvaro Neil? A man who after completing his trip around the world for 13 years discovers that he has high cholesterol and comes to me to lower it. Do you want to know how we have done it?
    • 1.1 The first contact
    • 1.2 Álvaro Neil’s action plan against cholesterol
    • 1.3 The experience of being on a diet
    • 1.4 The final verdict
    • 1.5 Let’s reflect

Do you know Álvaro Neil? A man who after completing his trip around the world for 13 years discovers that he has high cholesterol and comes to me to lower it. Do you want to know how we have done it?

There are several occasions in which I have spoken to you about cholesterol , both in this blog , in the podcasts , on my YouTube channel … you even have a complete course on the subject! So this time I am not going to explain to you what it is, or how it is formed, or its risks … what I am here to tell you today is how one person, specifically, Alvaro Neil from, went from having his cholesterol levels of 274 to 180 mg / dL in just 4 weeks!

The first contact

“[…] After 13 years going around the world, I have lived a year and a half more sedentary. I have gained 6-7 kilos . As a child I was already chubby, and I think I have a tendency to gain weight. During the trip around the world, except for the three years in Africa, I was always a little overweight, but not as much as now . After the analysis of the last day, the thing worries me because I have high cholesterol and it is time to remedy everything. I measure 1.74 and weight 83 kilos. I run three times a week 5 km each time. My followers on social networks will be surprised to see my problem and they will surely propose some ideas such as diets, exercise… […] Next week I will be in the Barcelona area. Specifically, I park my caravan in Colonia Guell, which is near Molins. I await your comment and make the meeting for the collaboration plan. […] Thank you very much greetings and see you soon ”.

Attached had his analytics:

initial analytics

As you can see, Alvaro needed my help since, not only does his total cholesterol have high but he also has more than high LDL. So I accepted the challenge and confirmed my collaboration. Our plan of action began at that moment.

Álvaro Neil’s action plan against cholesterol

It was a race against time. We had only a few weeks to get it, since Álvaro, by now, must be in some corner of India or giving a TED talk or conference in some remote part of South America. So I came up with the best action plan for the situation, an easy plan that contained the keys to lowering cholesterol but was easy to understand and adapt at the same time. I had to take into account that the protagonist lives in a motorhome and that he is an absolute nomad, so resources are also limited.

So I decided that instead of putting him on a specific, tight-knit diet that would probably be difficult for him to follow, I would give him the cholesterol action plan guide. This guide is designed precisely to accompany you in this process of changing your diet and habits, to understand the reason for everything. Help you know what you should eat and what not … in short, it was the option that best suited the occasion. It is also true that on the day of the visit, we did a nutritional education job that would help you with the steps to follow given your personal situation.

The experience of being on a diet

The moment you start a diet treatment with me, you have me to support you. I give you support whenever you need it and I solve any question or doubt, and with Álvaro it was no less. We talked, on one occasion he asked me ways to flavor the water, combinations to make it easier for him to hydrate, on another how to propose a barbecue dinner that was presented to him (some of them may have seen the story he made on Instagram where he was in the Butcher shop buying the meat of that day), another to ask me for recipes with broccoli … in short, when he had any questions or needed some support or material, he had me there and I was helping him as much as I could. The truth is that this helped him to maintain the new diet, as he tells us in the episode 509 podcast. Biciclown’s result after 4 weeks, I sincerely apologize for the quality of the audio.

In turn, I also asked him how he was doing, how was his diet and what sensations he was experiencing. He told me that the 4 menus that come in the cholesterol guide were written one by one and by hand (of course, he lives in a motorhome, he doesn’t have a printer), that he had lined them with a typical stationery plastic that protects the paper and that he had them hanging in his kitchen. That he did not follow them, much less closely, but had them as support, ideas of what to eat or a mini database of healthy dishes indicated for his pathology. But he was adapting and adapting depending on what was in his fridge or the weather, or any other circumstance.

He also explained to me that he had become fond of breakfasts of yogurt with oatmeal, seeds, fruits, and so on. That he was not drinking alcohol, except for the occasional glass of wine, and that he was not starving. He maintained his exercise routine and was noticing several changes, especially the weight and that is that 2 weeks after starting, he was already at 79.8kg. Look, looking to lower cholesterol, he also lost weight.

The final verdict

Clarify that he asks about my eye because I had conjunctivitis and that the stories that I was thinking of telling you, I never did.

That’s it, the four weeks had passed, that fast and it was time to see if it had worked. I knew it was, but it was a short time and of course, it really depends on the person who eats, moves and decides. So I’m not going to deny you, that like him, I was somewhat nervous. Then send me the new results and I assure you that they surprised me a lot! At least the surprise was for the better. Are these:

Final analytics

You see, an unbeatable improvement I would say. He has gone from weighing 83 kilos to weighing 78kg (as of today), that is to say, he has lost 5 kilos. He has gone from having total cholesterol of 274 to 180 mg / dL. LDL from 196 to 114 mg / dL. Triglycerides from 103 to 87 mg / dL. And to feel good about yourself, energetic, strong and with vitality.

Let’s reflect

And I explain all this to you so that we can do a reflection work, to end some popular beliefs and so that you see, that if you want, you can. Let’s go in parts:

  1. It is important that you see Álvaro’s approach. He goes to the doctor after 13 years without going and undergoes an analysis to find cholesterol. The first thing the doctor tells him (this he had not told you before) is: “take this pill, one every day, until the rest of your days”, but he believes in his instinct and ignores the doctor. Search, read, learn and decide that you can lower your cholesterol naturally, with good habits, diet and exercise and that is when you contact me. Why am I telling you this? Because probably anyone else would have listened to the doctor, went to the pharmacy, bought their medication and continued eating poorly, being sedentary and having bad habits. The pill would be one more public health expense and everyone to pay taxes. Well no.First we must try to lower it naturally, changing habits and improving our diet. Of course, it is easier and more comfortable to take the pill and chimpun. 
  2. Being on a diet does not mean starving, making a sacrifice, spending hours and hours in the kitchen … No. Here you have Álvaro. The concept of “diet” is too crushed and now you hear diet and you want to run away. That is why it is important to talk about a change in habits, a new style of eating and not a diet.
  3. Finally, if anyone had excuses for not doing this, it was Álvaro, he lives in a motorhome, he spends the day traveling, he doesn’t have an optimal infrastructure … but he has done it and he has done it so well! So there is no excuse, if you want you can. Because power is a matter of priorities. Power is wanting. To the excuse of “I do not have time” I will tell you, you do not prioritize or you do not organize your time well. To that of “I don’t like to cook”, I will tell you, you can cook the minimum and eat healthy. To the one of “it is very expensive” I will tell you, find out better, take advantage of offers, do not buy  eco and readjust your expenses: for example, quitting smoking you have € 5 more a day. And you tell me or you tell me, I will dismantle your excuse. Because if you want, you can .

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