Hair trends 2021: what cuts are carried and what color and hairstyles are triumphant for your hair this fall

Hair trends 2021: what cuts are carried and what color and hairstyles are triumphant for your hair this fall

An appointment at a luxury hair spa , the hairdressing treatment to do at home or the hairstyles and products that succeed in networks. The latest to take care of your hair is here. We will tell you what will be the hair trends that will mark the season. From the haircuts that are worn, to the colors that triumph through the hairstyles that you will wear in your hair.

These are the cuts, hair tones, hairstyles and products that come to renew your hair this fall winter 
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The haircut of the moment The ” wolf cut ” or wolf cut of the season is inspired by the one already wore by Bowie or Patti Smith , with side layers that frame the cheekbones. A hybrid between the pixie haircut and the shag , which adapts to our face. But we will also see XL or square manes that enhance the features and “the long bob at the height of the clavicle with a slight fall towards the face, ideal for round and square faces because it makes that perfect oval effect with bangs or subtle parades”, tells Fran Galán , stylistThe Beauty Concept .

The wolf cut haircut that Debby Ryan wears, straddling the mullet and shag we will see it everywhere this season. Instagram @debbyryan

This fall we are going to leave behind the XL manes or square manes and bet on more risky cuts, but also very stylish that define the personality. “It is not about hiding the features, but about enhancing them,” says Fran Galán .


The model Bella Hadid anticipated it in summer and now we can confirm it. And it is that chestnut is once again at the top of the trends and chocolate brown hair triumphs. And it is that natural brown with copper reflections returns to its essence and it will become a hit to give your hair more shine, naturalness and a healthy appearance.

Katie Holmes wears a long shaggy bob haircut with a chocolate brown color that will be one of the most requested in hairdressers. Getty.

Nor can we forget those who claim an illuminated brown hair. And it can be achieved with highlights that imitate the “sun-kissed hair” effect and that we will want to extend all year long. How to achieve them? “We would have to work very fine babylights highlights with a maximum of two tones more than natural hair to simulate that lightening of the sun. And in terms of tones we can highlight hazelnut , beige , mocha or caramel , among others”, says the expert.


The braids in their ethnic version or both sides of the face from Etro’s hand will be one of the trend hairstyles that you will not remove this fall. Imaxtree.

With the permission of the straight hair that this fall comes to life with a lot of volume in the crown area and even with seventies fringes and layers or with the ends inwards, blow-dry again to achieve a mane with movement and that makes a difference. And if you want to be well combed in less than five minutes, bet on the ponytail (better in its low and casual version, and even, with its baby hairs deliberately disheveled to add character and of course the braids , which this fall triumph in their different versions from the most tribal to the most classic but, remember that it should always be very natural if you bet on this collection .

Bond intense repair mask N ° 8 Moisture Mask

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Melrose Shampoo, Goa Organics (27.95 euros). Goa Organics.

No celebrity or not to give instagrammer the treatment of Olaplex to care for his dyed hair and those of Goa Organics with plant – based ingredients and seal free cruelty . And after the summer, it is essential to have a strong hair from the hair loss products that work can be intensified by the changing seasons but quiet because it is temporary and usually lasts two or three months, after which the hair goes to a new phase of growth. So put a brake on it with products that add density, strength and volume .


. hair spa at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Barcelona offers a new way of caring for your hair. In this luxurious oasis you will find the best hair rejuvenation techniques with the same sequences as an exceptional anti-aging facial, exfoliation , cleansing rituals … With the best hands to transform your hair.


Clandestino hair treatment by Moncho Moreno (89.90 euros).
Clandestino hair treatment by Moncho Moreno (89.90 euros). Moncho Moreno.

We tested the Clandestine treatment of Moncho Moreno that restores and repairs the hair hardest hit, in addition to combat frizz and improve its texture and add shine. It consists of three products to get a hair like in the salon but without leaving home. In the first place, some ampoules with a repairing effect that restore the hair its natural shine and strength that also seals the cuticle, a deep cleaning shampoo that repairs and prepares the hair and a conditioner that improves the strength and natural shine of the hair without adding weight reinforcing the keratin bonds of the hair. Eliminates static electricity and frizz effect, improving combability.


Copper Sure hair turban, Aquis (33.95 euros). Aquis.

Fighting frizz starts with a good blow drying . And for that, nothing like a turban-towel with antimicrobial technology and an antifrizz accessory of the Dyson SupersonicTM dryer . The firm’s engineers and scientists have created a new nozzle that takes advantage of the Coanda effect to reduce frizz without using extreme heat. And the new frizzy hair nozzle mimics the technique used by salon professionals to tame electrified hair without using extreme heat.

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