Eugenia Silva’s haircut will be one of the most requested in hairdressers and we will tell you why

Eugenia Silva’s haircut will be one of the most requested in hairdressers and we will tell you why

The model Eugenia Silva never ceases to amaze us with each of her appearances because she always gives us authentic lessons in style and elegance. And now he is doing it again with the haircut that we are all going to want to wear this fall and one of the most requested in hairdressing because of its versatility and because it favors all types of faces .

Eugenia Silva’s long bob haircut is a pure trend for this fall and will be one of the most requested in Spanish hairdressers. GTres Online.
  • Hair. The new and subtle highlights of Eugenia Silva for a summer hair
  • Hair. We know what Eugenia Silva does to have flawless brown hair and a healthy mane from 45

With the arrival of the new season, we often need a complete reset of our hair, and much more after a summer in which our hair has arrived punished from the sun, the beach, the pool … And nothing like releasing the new one course with which it will be the most demanded trend haircut in hairdressers this fall .

We are talking about the long bob haircut or the XL bob by Eugenia Silva that she has premiered at the Venice Film Festival , in its smooth and polished version with an impeccable color that highlights the texture and shine of her hair. This haircut for medium length hair is again more fashionable than ever among celebrities and is reinvented every season giving rise to new versions but without a doubt, the one that the model wears is most inspiring.

And is that this type of cut is not only demanded for its aesthetics, also because it heals the ends of your long hair. If you also combine it with a hair color that enhances the cut and a treatment that rebuilds the hair fiber, the result will be as spectacular as that of the model. Eugenia Silva is faithful to The Beauty Concept Hair collagen hair treatments to always keep her hair plump, frizz-free and so soft and flexible.

Eugenia Silva’s new bob haircut is characterized by its length, a little longer than the usual ones we see on celebrities. It is easy and quick to style, very feminine, much more versatile than it seems and also allows a very easy subsequent transition to both a more striking short haircut and longer hair. It is a cut with a straight base that adapts according to our features in the hands of the hairdressers.

And with this new look, the model has become an icon of style and elegance in order to release the cut that we all want this new season. In addition, it has been accompanied by a luminous makeup signed by Armani Beauty , a firm to which the model has been faithful for years.

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