Many people approach FAST centers with skepticism about whether this technology works, and whether it works for anyone. The coaches explain our programs to them, what they can achieve with them and let them know that it will be an individualized program for their needs, because it is PERSONAL TRAINING.

The first advantage of #metodofast is that you will have a qualified coach for you, to accompany you to success progressively. And with QUALIFIED we refer to University Graduates in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences (in addition to other training courses that can complement it), who have specialized in electrostimulation with internal training of more than 120 hours.

Electrostimulation offers us possibilities that magnify the effects of training. It is this advantage that differentiates this type of training from conventional ones. We are going to explain to you below, one by one, all the possibilities that electrostimulation offers us:

Can i lose weight

Weight loss, depending on the stage in which you are (normal weight, overweight or obesity) and your individual characteristics, the strategy will be different. For efficient weight loss, aerobic and strength exercise must be combined, and both can be performed more intensively with electrostimulation.

Oxygen consumption shoots up when we connect the “suit”, this means that during the session you will burn more calories than if you did the same exercises without the suit. But not only that, but we can also ensure that your post-exercise oxygen consumption remains high up to 72 hours after your training (Gutierrez, 2015). That means you will “burn calories” due to your training even three days after the session.

Also, fat is one of the goals of weight loss programs. We want to decrease the percentage of fat in favor of the percentage of muscle mass. If we add aerobic exercise to our Comprehensive EMS sessions with the Reduce program, we will be able to increase capillarization and, indirectly, we will reduce fat (Chaves, Garganta & Pinsach, 2005).

Can I be more resistant?

As we have indicated before, EMS Integral Activa increases oxygen consumption. This parameter, the higher it is, the more performance endurance athletes obtain. A normal, active man in his 30s may have oxygen consumption of around 40-45 ml / kg / min. Miguel Induráin reached 88 ml / kg / min in his best moments. If you are a “runner” or amateur cyclist, the #metodofast can be a good complement to your workouts. Even when you are injured we can ensure that your oxygen consumption does not decrease so much due to detraining. So when you have readjusted, you can give it your all without having lowered your performance.

Can I be more toned? Can I define my muscles? Can I increase my muscle volume? Can I be stronger?

One of the most common uses of neuromuscular electrostimulation is to increase strength, with the consequent muscle TONING. It has been shown to significantly increase the MAXIMUM FORCE of contraction. But it has also been seen that the skin fold is reduced (DEFINITION), and that the first neural adaptations in the initial 6 weeks could favor HYPERTROPHY. Depending on your objectives, this is how the trainer will select the NMES (neuromuscular electrostimulation) parameters, the exercises, and will advise you on the type of training that will be best to complement your FAST sessions.

Can I be faster? Can I jump more?

Being faster or jumping more depends on your strength levels, but your strength levels of specific types. And with high frequency NMES we can improve explosive, elastic and reactive strength. But, if your goal is performance in this aspect, you should always also do specific training without NMES. This is because what the NMES will improve the performance of your muscles in those specific training sessions to, in the medium-long term, obtain great benefits.

Can you help me recover sooner?

Thre is good evidence to show that NMES may have a positive effect on lowering blood lactate compared to passive recovery. In addition, the sensation of pain decreases (Malone, Blake & Caulfield, 2015). If you want to recover from your matches, from your hard crossfit workouts, from an intense weekend in the mountains … the Integral EMS can be a great alternative, since it not only focuses on the area in an analytical way, but also encourages recovery at a global level throughout your body in just 20 minutes.

Can it help me with back pain too?

One of the reasons why more people go to FAST centers is due to back pain. And it is that this tool helps us to improve the quality of life when we have these pains due to several issues: NMES can help us to give feedback for better muscle activation; NMES improves isometric voluntary strength, and this is essential for trunk stability training. A stable and strong trunk will be the key to reducing back pain.

Can it also help me get out of injury?

Of course, #metodofast can be part of your retraining period, as we can stimulate your muscles with impulses designed to promote strength without causing a large joint impact. We can choose exercises without impact that, a priori, without electrostimulation would not achieve great muscular activations; however, with electrostimulation, these NMES exercises will become great enhancers of the positive results for a speedy recovery.

But … can the Active Integral EMS be a training supplement for anyone?

As long as there are no contraindications, we could start a personal training program at our closest FAST center. In this we insist a lot, in fact we have a Medical Area to assess those more complex clinical situations.

Keep in mind that #metodofast is a physical exercise program, it is not like laser hair removal that in x sessions your hair has disappeared. Here, perseverance, willpower, the desire to improve prevails. Are you ready to achieve your goals? You know you can do it by visiting our electrostimulation center in Collado Villalba , Leganés, Benidorm, Marbella, or any other of our electrofitness centers. Choose your closest center.

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