Do not you have time for cooking

Do not you have time for cooking?

Do not you have time for cooking? Do you usually eat anything improvised? Do you end up looking for ready-made or pre-cooked food because you haven’t been able to cook? Are there days that you don’t even eat? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this interests you.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Lack of time
  • 2 Strategies for cooking without time
    • 2.1 Platinum silicone container for microwave cooking
    • 2.2 Organization.
    • 2.3 Have the main ingredient always ready.
    • 2.4 Have a first always ready
    • 2.5 Defrost and serve

The lack of time

Who wouldn’t buy time if it were for sale? The lack of time is something that we all suffer in our day to day and in the end one of the great harmed is food. We give more importance to other things and put food aside, despite its relevance. That is why I have decided to write this post, so that even if we do not give it the importance it has, we can eat as we deserve and should.

Strategies for cooking without time

  1. Platinum silicone container for microwave cooking

    There are some platinum silicone containers where food is introduced and it goes directly to the micro, from 5 minutes to 1 hour is how long it can take to cook different and tasty dishes with this invention. It is a simple, fast and practical way of cooking, where you can invest the time it takes to cook in other things, since you do not have to be aware, just pay attention to the “peep” of your microwave. Here you have a  recipe book for lekue  , one of the brands that sells this utensil, where you will find the recipes for these dishes:

    • Green beans with potato – 10 minutes
    • Hake in green sauce – 3 minutes
    • Sea bass with zucchini and carrot – 8 minutes
    • Scrambled eggs with mushrooms with toast – 8 minutes
    • Sole with old mustard – 2 minutes
    • Spanish omelette – 9 minutes
    • Vegetable Timbale – 15 minutes
    • Cauliflower au gratin with emmental – 13 minutes
    • Roasted apple – 3 minutes
    • Cheesecake with red berries – 9 minutes

    The microwave is not the best cooking technique, nor do I tell you to eat every day cooked in the micro, but it is a quick, easy, simple and healthy way to cook.

  2. Organization .

    As I explained in the post ” How to create your own healthy weekly menu ” it is essential to have an organization and planning of the dishes, to be able to make the shopping list well and know what you are going to eat at all times. So even though it may seem like a lie, it will be much easier for you to have everything ready to cook and eat since you will have the food, you will know what to cook and you will only have to follow a few steps.

  3. Always have the main ingredient ready .

    Now that it is summer, easier, impossible. If you have the main ingredient prepared, it will only be a matter of adding more ingredients, let me explain:

    1. On a holiday, on Sunday or in a hole you have, you can boil one or two extra servings per person of different foods that make you the main ingredient in your dishes:
      • Wheat pasta
      • Integral rice
      • Quinoa
      • Buckwheat
      • Son
      • Couscous
    2. You keep them in a tupperware and in the fridge / freezer.
    3. At the time of making lunch or dinner, you just have to choose which is the main ingredient you want for your dish that day.
    4. You add other foods like
      • Raw vegetables (you have a choice too)
      • Boiled egg
      • Canned fish: natural tuna, sardines …
      • Legumes: peas, lentils, chickpeas …
      • Nuts: walnuts, pipes, almonds …
      • Seeds: flax, pumpkin, sesame …
      • Spices and aromatic herbs
    5. Dress with lemon, oil and vinegar, pesto …
      In just 5 steps you have a variety of salads with different ingredients and colors. Easy quick and easy. The good thing is that you will not get tired of always eating the same thing because you can vary a lot with the added ingredients, you will only repeat the base. 😉
  4. Have a first always ready

    It is the easiest and most used resource of all. Have a first always ready. Now in summer it could be a simple green salad, a gazpacho or a cold cucumber cream . In winter, a vegetable cream or soup.
    After this first dish, it will be enough to make the second (recommended that it be the protein part), something grilled back and forth or else turn the oven on.

  5. Defrost and serve

    This is known to all, you can cook it for a whole week and freeze it. Go every day removing the lunch and dinner that you have already prepared from the freezer. It will be enough to defrost it and serve it.

You see that you have several options and that I limit the excuses for not eating or eating badly due to lack of time. If you can think of any other or have your own, you can share it with me in a comment below.

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