Diet to lose 5 kilos with very little effort

Diet to lose 5 kilos with very little effort

Do you want to lose 4 to 6 kilos? Here you have a downloadable diet prepared by our nutritionist and the instructions to follow it correctly.Nutritionist doctor, expert in the treatment of obesity and overweight. Member of SEEDO (Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity).

A few weeks ago, we did a survey of 5,000 CLARA readers and we asked you what your ideal diet was like to lose weight . From your answers we have created this diet designed by and for real women. Many of you told us that you wanted to lose about 5 kilos, that’s why we have prepared this ideal diet to lose 4 to 6 kilos. It is a 7-day weekly menu with breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack (you can do it mid-morning or mid-afternoon).

It is a diet tailored to measure by Dr. Mª Isabel Beltrán, CLARA’s nutritionist doctor, taking into account your preferences.


  • You will eat about 1,400 kcal a day.
  • It is not strict, you can interchange the dishes or make similar recipes.
  • It allows you to have a social life. When eating out, try to choose dishes similar to those on the diet.
  • You can eat bread, pasta and chocolate.
  • Best of all, you don’t have to weigh the amounts.


  1. You have to follow it for a minimum of 4 or 6 weeks.
  2. If you are hungry between meals, you can have an infusion or a vegetable broth without salt.
  3. If you really want a pizza, for example, eat a slice the size of your hand and a green salad.
  4. When you finish the diet and have lost the weight you want, eat normally, continuing the good habits that you will have incorporated. You can afford 2 or 3 free meals a week.
  5. Weigh yourself once a week and if you see that you regain a few kilograms, go back to following the diet.



Listen to your body. If you’re not hungry as soon as you wake up, have breakfast in the middle of the morning. If, on the other hand, you wake up super hungry, eat well before leaving home.

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In the downloadable diet you will find 7 breakfasts. You can repeat the ones you like the most. Here are more breakfast ideas to lose weight:

  • Oatmeal with milk and blueberries
  • Small toast of wholemeal bread with fresh cheese and escalivada
  • Mini wholegrain 100% natural turkey breast and cucumber
  • Yogurt with banana, strawberries and grated coconut
  • Slice of whole wheat bread with 1/4 avocado, tomato and arugula


We propose 7 meal options, but you can combine the recipes for lunch with those for dinner as you like. No dish exceeds 450-500 kcal because “this caloric value is what allows you to eat well, feel satisfied, receive the necessary nutrients and not go hungry,” explains Dr. Beltrán. Important: calculate that the carbohydrate servings – rice, potato, pasta or bread – are a handful.

  • These dishes can be eaten by the whole family (because as good as they are, no one will say they are diet dishes).
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  • Broad beans and mussels paella
  • Macaroni with a ball of minced meat, 3 tablespoons of sofrito and grated cheese
  • Sailor spaghetti with clams, garlic and parsley
  • Cream of zucchini cream without cream with grilled prawns.

You can accompany these meals with a green salad and with one of the desserts that we propose in the downloadable menu. And if you still want more, here are 55 recipes to lose weight that will come in handy.

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