Damaged hair: how to restore the health of the hair

Damaged hair: how to restore the health of the hair

Hair is part of what is taken care of on a daily basis to look more attractive , not only among women but also among men . To improve your look, special cuts are made, some dye and bleach, others resort to treatments to iron or curl such as keratin and perm, but when the hair is damaged, stop and take action to repair the damage before it’s too late .

There are circumstances in which you end up with  damaged hair  and you don’t even know why. It may be that you have a bad relationship with the sun and the outdoors, perhaps the fault is due to a wicked use of the hair dryer or continuous use of hot tools such as a straightener and curling iron, sometimes it is just a transition phase linked to stress of everyday life and in many cases the problem is what we apply to cleanse, soften, obtain a specific styling etc.

8 tips for the health of your hair

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Regardless of the reason, you need to look for an effective remedy to restore the health of your hair. More responsible behavior, the use of more delicate products and other actions can make the difference: let’s see together the solutions to be implemented to obtain concrete results.

1. Use a brush that fits your hair

Attention: the brush is important …

The type of brush you are using can actually damage your hair. Not everyone knows that the shape and type of bristles are designed to untangle in different ways and on different hair.

If you are using a brush that usually pulls your hair and tends to break it, you could do damage from root to tip.

Evaluate the use of a suitable comb , not cheap (e.g. with boar bristles), to use while washing your hair: it will help you detangle without hurting you but will also help distribute the natural oils that your scalp produces, the which could make the hair much more shiny.

Go for a The Knot Dr. or Tangle Teezer style knot-loosening brush to respect your hair when brushing.

. Choose restructuring shampoo and conditioner

When a hair is damaged it needs specific nutrients and deep hydration that prevents dryness. There are many restructuring solutions on the market: evaluate the purchase of a specific professional product, with a reconstructive action. Olaplex is quite suitable in this regard, you could start by carrying out the treatment in the salon: the molecular reconstruction intervenes within the hair structure to regenerate it but must be accompanied by the use of shampoo and conditioner that continue to heal the hair. In this regard, you could use the kit of the #MyConfidant line created by Guy Tang ; the internationally renowned hair stylist has launched his brand for about a year and with Mydentityhas made its eccentric and original colors available to the best salons in the world. The consumer line is the result of Guy’s study to provide effective products to reconstruct the hair: when it lightens to obtain pastel shades it needs to protect and nourish to prevent models and customers from being forced to make a cut due to damage from discoloration. MyConfidant shampoo and conditioner is suitable for any type of hair and perform a reconstruction that intervenes inside and outside the hair structure , with extraordinary results:

  • heals split ends by sealing them
  • acts effectively on damaged hair
  • it is fabulous on hair damaged by a hairdryer or a straightener
  • it also works on those suffering from dry scalp
  • is the best ally of those who have streaks, have done a balayage or other colors without any protection during lightening

Currently the only retailer of Guy Tang’s professional hair products is OP Cosmetics . You can buy them from the comfort of your home on the online shop.

3. Stop washing your hair too often

Even if you believe it is the only solution to avoid oily hair, the shampoo should not be done too often because it can have the opposite effect and increase the problem, fueling the production of excess sebum. Once or twice a week is the ideal number of times, even if in extreme cases (eg practicing a lot of sport) it can be remedied by using specific products . Examples include dry shampoo , easy to apply and ideal for reducing washing during the week; I would save time in the shower and avoid further damage to the hair due to continuous rinsing. You can also consider purchasing a shampoo suitable for frequent use , created with a light and delicate formula.

4. Check the formulation of the products you use

Have you ever analyzed the INCI of the cosmetics you use? You may be really disappointed with the ingredients that make up your favorite shampoo and often this is the problem. Parabens, sulphates and different types of silicones in the long run tend to weigh down the hair not allowing the good substances of a formulation to nourish. At first, they seem to work but after several applications you will find that the situation has worsened and the hair is oily and dry. You will notice an immediate change in the health of your hair by throwing a bad product in the trash and replacing it with one that truly hydrates your hair. 

. Beware of heat

Drying your hair every day is a great way to do permanent damage from excessive and misuse of heat. The speech obviously also applies to the other hot tools. The ideal is to style your hair in other ways, from overnight braids to curlers, passing through styling products that greatly facilitate styling. If you really can’t do without heat, try to limit it as much as possible, using hot tools at most twice a week without forgetting the application of a heat protective product .

Not only that: be careful when using the towel on wet hair . Avoid rubbing it so as not to break them. Hair is weaker when it is so damp and removing excess water in this way tends to weaken it; better to just dab them, as happens in the salon after the hairdresser does the shampoo. This mistake is very common but it is not the only one we tend to make: discover the most common ones when it comes to hair .

. Untangle your hair in the shower

Knots are a common problem, especially for those with frizzy or very long hair. Apply a conditioner to help you untangle and always use the comb during this step. Unlike brushes, combs will never hurt you and will always be more effective in assisting you when you need to get rid of knots. The conditioner will also help the comb slide through your hair, quickly and easily removing any knots that have formed.

. Eat the right things

Never underestimate nutrition: what you eat will affect not only your body but also the health of your hair . For example, if you don’t have enough protein , your hair will be weak and brittle (this is since protein is mostly what hair is made of). 

Not everyone knows that there are many vitamins and minerals that are essential to provide nourishment to the hair from within our body. You can help solve the problem of damaged hair by cultivating a healthier lifestyle, even thinking about buying supplements or vitamins . Usually this type of product is easily available both in pharmacies and in parapharmacies; in particular, those aimed at supporting the hair are also effective on the skin and nails.

. Get an oil treatment every week

One of the best remedies for damaged hair is to have a hair conditioning treatment at least once a week . It takes some time, it’s true, but getting organized is not that difficult. You can save money by doing it at home or ask your trusted hairdresser. Even if you don’t want to do it every night, an overnight conditioner or oil treatment is a great solution that can make your hair more manageable, shiny and ultimately healthy. From coconut oil to argan oil , the oil hydrates and is natural. 

There are those who make very natural packs based on olive oil , the same one used in the kitchen. You can make a mixture of oil and honey and then apply it on the hair gently, holding it on and then rinse with warm water. These natural remedies can be very effective on brittle or very dry hair: consider applying DIY masks.

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