Traveling to lose weight

Traveling to lose weight

More and more research correlates obesity with poverty. Research shows that in Italy there is a marked increase in obesity and this is concentrated above all among the weakest groups of society who obviously pay little attention to nutrition or tend to find some sort of compensation for the problems that arise every day. they face.

Obesity and smoking endanger the health of Italians

Obesity is not only a blemish but it is also a social problem because it puts people’s health at risk and in particular the cardiovascular system, it also causes diabetes and the consequent imbalances of this pathology.

The tendency to gain weight increases in people with a low level of education. To end up under accusation is the excessive consumption of junk food , junk food, such as snacks rich in preservatives and fats, sugary and carbonated drinks, particularly high-fat meat,   low consumption of fruit and vegetables.

To reduce the risk of obesity, therefore, it is good to change your lifestyle by preferring wholesome foods, without exceeding the portions and above all also trying to dedicate part of your time to movement every day in order to burn more calories. It is not said that you have to go to the gym in fact it is enough to walk in the park and do some exercises at home, in this way it is not necessary to have a gym subscription. A healthy lifestyle also implies the need to quit smoking . 

Also in this case the economic factor is relevant, in fact it emerges from a research that in Italy it is the poorest and lowest educated people who smoke the most. This data is related to the fact that a higher level of education leads both to a greater awareness of the risks associated with smoking , and to a more satisfying life and consequently no pleasant alternatives are sought. In fact, by quitting smoking, it is possible to make a considerable saving and enjoy more of the real pleasures of life.

A dynamic and satisfying life to lose weight

To lose weight, having a dynamic life is essential, but the costs may not always be excessively high, which is why in recent years more and more people have discovered a passion for travel .

This is also due to the fact that there are more and more economic destinations, even a trip that in the past could have seemed prohibitive is now within the reach of almost everyone: the trip to the United States .

Today it is possible to reach America for less than 400 euros, round trip, just take advantage of low cost flights. Also in the major cities the prices for buses and metro are very low, a ticket costs 2/3 euros. For those who do not want to spend too much to stay overnight, the advice is to choose structures outside the big cities.

In short, sleeping in New York is not the best in economy, but choosing nearby towns helps to save a lot without losing anything of the atmosphere of the States.   To organize a trip to the United States it is good to study the route and the stages in detail, especially if you are at the first experience, also it is good to remember that you must have the USA ESTA , an electronic procedure for obtaining authorization to enter the United States.

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