Diet for acne: foods that promote pimples healing

Diet for acne: foods that promote pimples healing

Have any of you suffered or suffer from acne?

It must be said that it is not a condition to take little into consideration because it is unsightly and can create serious difficulties, especially in adolescence.

Moreover, if not treated, it can leave furrows and scars on the face.

It must be said that acne can be cured thanks to food and it is important to work on food mechanisms and the nourishment of our skin.

At the same time, in fact, it is necessary to correct some bad habits and apply specific remedies and products so that pimples can become a distant memory.

On  we found detailed and useful information on the treatment and prevention of pimples that affect different parts of the body and which are a valid help in resolving acne.

But is there really a diet that can help us keep acne at bay?

It is important to understand that we can improve our skin thanks to food and that acne is a skin problem that can also be treated thanks to what we eat.

The Acne Diet

But what is acne?

Acne makes us realize that our body is out of shape and that our hormones are out of balance.

Acne, in fact, is a problem that involves the glands of our hair follicles that produce excess sebum, that is the liquid that makes the skin oily.

This inflammation that involves them then creates pimples and blackheads.

It must be said that acne is fought on the outside, as we have already said, with specific products for our skin and also from the inside with what we take every day

The diet that we propose allows us to abandon some troublesome foods and favor others.

It must be said that Eskimos or other nomadic peoples do not know about acne and this is because they do not eat processed or refined foods. Obviously, a healthy and sporty lifestyle and a non-polluted and stress-free environment make their difference.

So let’s work on our mind but try to figure out what to eat and what not to.

What can we eat?

We can certainly eat foods rich in zinc which has anti-inflammatory properties and which inhibits acne bacteria. Therefore, you can eat beans, pumpkin seeds, almonds, quinoa and egg yolk.

Foods with zionco: beans, pumpkin seeds, almonds, quinoa and egg yolk

Then it is good to eat foods rich in omega3 and also in omega6 such as flax seeds, chia seeds, salmon and many other oily fish. Fermented foods that are rich in probiotics also help our gut to decrease problems and inflammation and this also helps our skin.

Fruits and vegetables, then, are always to be included if fresh and in season and not just for acne sufferers.


What is best to avoid

Among the foods to avoid it would be better to forget about milk and derivatives because milk is rich in growth hormones and therefore also increases inflammation. Obviously, however, you can safely consume yogurt that contains probiotics. Then it is better to avoid foods with a high glycemic content then carbonated drinks, refined cereals, sweets, white flour because all these foods carry an excess of insulin in the blood and increase inflammation. Also avoid iodine, so iodized salt, Japanese food, seaweed.

Alcohol and hard liquor are also not good at all, so throw them out

Always keep in mind to eat slowly, never overdo portions, never eat junk food and be able to vary your diet every day because this is the only way that our metabolism always stays in motion.

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