The gluttonous weight loss diet for easy weight loss

The gluttonous weight loss diet for easy weight loss

Designed by dietician Terri Ann Nunns to make her most difficult clients lose weight, those who just can’t stand to be on a diet, the greedy weight loss diet is the solution to lose weight easily without depriving yourself of the foods we like.

In fact, one concession a day makes the diet less tiring and easier to follow.
In this article we will see how to do the gluttonous weight loss diet: every day we have a small trick to avoid ruining our results.

Let me be clear: I have inserted various mistakes by translating them into Italian products. There are healthier options too.
But the trick, the one I recommend to you, is to be honest and prefer the option you like best, period.

Otherwise, choosing this diet makes no sense.


The weight loss plan can be continued for one or two months without problems, as long as you inform your doctor.
Indeed, the menu is full of variations.
Every day we have a 150 calorie bonus for a sweet or savory sgarro.
Just choose one of the foods listed as a snack. Meals can be exchanged between lunch and dinner. If you are people who love an after dinner snack, you can eat a mid-morning snack as a snack and then an after-dinner snack. Carbohydrates and fats are controlled in such a way as to allow for every option.

The basic menu is 1200 calories, suitable for a sedentary woman.
We can customize it to 1300 or 1400 calories if we are women who do little physical activity or are under the age of 45 and are of medium height. For the 1300 calorie plan make 2 of the variations in the asterisk.
For the 1400 calorie plan make 4 of the asterisk variations.
If you don’t know what your calorie needs are, read here first.

Let’s see the menu of the gluttonous weight loss diet for easy weight loss on page 2.

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