Changes in your baby from 35 weeks to delivery

the moment of delivery

Changes in your baby from 35 weeks to delivery

Gynecology Team of Dr. D. Lluís Cabero i Roura, President of the Spanish Gynecology and Obstetrics Society

The long awaited moment is coming. Do not forget to have your basket on hand just in case, since delivery can occur at any time and almost always in the one you least expect.


Try to have everything prepared and rest as much time as you can before delivery.

Week 36

In this week the vaginal and rectal culture should be performed . This test will allow us to identify all those patients who are carriers of a bacterium called Streptococcus Beta Agalactiae . This germ is not harmful to the mother but requires antibiotics to be administered during the delivery process to prevent the baby from becoming infected.

The child during this time begins to fit, especially if it is the first birth, in the pelvis. You will notice that the upper part of the belly has dropped. This descent of the fetus in the pelvis will cause a decrease in the difficulty of breathing because the fundus of the uterus does not press on the ribs. This descent of the baby will also give you the feeling that your child is moving less.

On the other hand, other symptoms such as heartburn or more frequent urination will worsen.

If you had not interrupted sexual intercourse , now you will have to.


Week 37

During this visit, the obstetrician will pay special attention to assessing your pelvis , that is, that it has a normal anatomical shape and that it is large enough for your child to pass. Thanks to the conditions of the neck of the womb, that is, neck length, dilation and consistency of the same, we will be able to have an indicative idea of ​​whether the delivery will be before the probable date or whether it will wait until week 39.

A valuable tip is to start refilling the fridge in case the process starts too early.


Week 38

The moment is drawing near. You will notice that the contractions are becoming more frequent and the fatigue will begin to show on your face. The delivery is near and a situation of curiosity, happiness but also fear of something that may be unknown to you at this time is mixed. You are in good hands and everything will be fine. Ditch the toilets now and just use the shower. Try to rest as long as you can and do not forget to have your basket on hand in case you go into labor at any time.


Week 39

During this visit, your doctor will reassess your cervical conditions, the position and presentation of the fetus, your usual constants and your weight. If the pregnancy so far has been strictly normal, they do not have to undergo further complementary tests, but if your doctor thinks it is convenient, they may request a fetal record or even another ultrasound .

During these last weeks you will practically not gain weight. If the fetus is already embedded, you will see how the bottom of the womb descends and is located 2 or three fingers below the tip of the sternum, improving your feeling of suffocation.


Until the moment of delivery

From week 39 to week 41 your doctor will call you once a week (as long as everything is correct), and from week 41 he will call you every 48 hours until week 42. From week 42 it is considered that it is treated of a prolonged pregnancy and therefore your doctor will induce labor or schedule you for a cesarean section .

You are already a mother and the pregnancy is over. Those wonderful weeks of pregnancy are over, and with the delivery, that waiting time to meet your child in person is over. You are home again, enjoying your child and expanding the family. Congratulations.

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