Ayurveda for the radiance of the face

Ayurveda for the radiance of the face

The skin of the face, being the most exposed, deserves special attention. We know what our cosmetics offer in this regard, let’s see what Ayurveda offers us

Ayurveda for the radiance of the face

“ The skin is the largest organ in the body, it protects us, holds us together, literally tells us what we feel. The skin can be soft and delicate, highly sensitive, easy to injure ”, a perfect portrait of the envelope that surrounds us taken from a famous American TV series.

Fiction aside, every day we take care of this physical limit of our body, the extreme surface before reaching the other from oneself; point of separation between oneself and the external environment, it conveys sensations, emotions, moods and health giving us a continuous exchange between the “inside” and the outside “of us.

Visible symptom of aging we tend to treat it diligently, especially as regards the face . So let’s compare our daily routine with the millennial wisdom of ayurveda !


To each his own skin

First of all it must be taken into consideration that, as always, in ayurvada one must think according to the dosha to which it belongs which will obviously also characterize the skin.


VATA : dry skin , characterized by cracking and flaking.

PITTA : basically mixed skin , easy to breakouts, irritation and rashes.

KAPHA : oily skin , asphyxiated, tending to excess sebum and dilated pores.

Therefore, each of these types needs different treatments because it has profoundly different needs: the types with a prevalence of vata will have to focus on hydration and nourishment, the pittas on gentle decongestion and the kaphas on purification.


Discover the benefits of meditation and yoga for the skin of the face


Spices and oils for our face

Having become aware of the type to which one belongs and the problems that concern it, let’s now move on to practice.

Meanwhile, let ‘s start from the assumption that: “Ayurveda teaches that skin and hair are like an organism and to keep them healthy every day you have to treat them like a child: clean them, give them to drink and eat, protect them from aggression.

In particular, in Ayurveda the skin is the calling card of beauty, but only a few people possess it, perfect by nature. It is constantly exposed to smog, dust, tension and stress, in an environment where toxins have invaded the air, food and water.

Even the sun is more aggressive than it once was and the body’s production of free radicals is constantly increasing ”, explains Simona Vignali , director of SIMA (Modern Integrated School of Ayurveda) and author of the“ Modern Ayurveda Manual ”.

Facial skin cleansing should not be entrusted to chemical compounds or soaps, but you can use powders and spices depending on your skin type or preparations based on oil and aloe vera to which specific essential oils will be added.

In both modalities, the basis is the same, what changes are the specific ingredients regarding the problem to be solved.

To give us an example, here is what the naturopath Simona Vignali recommends:

  • Vata: sesame oil and 10 drops of each of the following essential oils: sandalwood, rose and geranium
  • Kapha: jojoba oil 10 drops of each of the following essential oils: bergamot, cypress and juniper
  • Pitta: calendula oil and 10 drops of each of the following essential oils: lavender, tea tree and lemon

These cleansers and ointments are easily available and allow you to pamper the skin of the face in a natural way and can replace the many creams that the market offers us. We thus give life to a ritual to dedicate to ourselves, without haste and immersing ourselves deeply in it in full Ayurvedic style.