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Last week an article was published in La Razón in which our Technical Director, Juana Mª González, spoke about the components that fast food has that make it so tasty: “The amounts of glutamate, salt and saturated fat have an effect in people who create a kind of addiction for this type of food. They are foods rich in flavorings, salt, additives and sodium that do not fill you up but weigh on your stomach and end up causing not only gastrointestinal diseases but also, for example, that we sleep poorly. The stress, the lack of nutritional education and the price end up causing people to care what they eat. “
In consultation, our main task is nutritional education so that our clients know for themselves how to make the correct purchase and make smart choices that allow them to reconcile their lifestyle with a healthy weight.

Our corporate health programs also focus on educating the person so that, by making the right choices, they improve both their health and well-being.

You can read the full article here .