30 mistakes that add years to you (and the tricks that take them away

30 mistakes that add years to you (and the tricks that take them away)

Why look older if you can take a few years off your shoulders and look younger? Correct those habits that do not favor you, that hairstyle that adds years to you and that makeup routine that ages you, and manages to rejuvenate your look.

Encarna Aguado

Responsible for beauty at CLARA.

Expert hairdresser in hair care with more than 35 years of experience.


Inappropriate makeup or hairstyle can add 10 years . Maybe your hair is very long, shapeless or the color does not suit you. You may wear too much makeup or abuse colors and shine. Or maybe you have neglected your hands and they betray your age.

So that you don’t wear too many years and you can rejuvenate your look with hardly any changes, we have selected in our gallery  some of the most common beauty and hairdressing mistakes  so that you can avoid them.

5 types of highlights that rejuvenate: this is how celebrities wear them


Changes as subtle as leaving some strands – strategically placed on the sides of your face – to hide the loss of facial oval, highlighting your eyes to enhance your look or raising your eyelids simply by curling your eyelashes.

You already know that hair is one of the factors that most show age, so pay attention to frizz and split ends and take note of the solutions we give you. In addition, we also tell you what type of hairstyles to avoid if you want to look younger. And the fact is that the too solemn and rigid collected put you years immediately.


You also have to be careful with makeup, since sometimes we err on the side of caution and opt for makeup bases that are too dense – because we believe that this way we will cover wrinkles better – when it is best to choose those with a fluid texture. The shade you choose for your lips, the way you apply the eyeliner or the shadow can play for or against …

In the gallery you will also find tips that you are sure to follow but that it never hurts to remember, such as the importance of using sunscreen every day, choosing clothes that enhance your figure instead of hiding it or choosing colors that flatter and illuminate you. face.

6 beauty mistakes we all make that add years to us

All this and much more is what you will find in our gallery, so if you want to give a change to your beauty routines, start clicking. And don’t worry if you don’t know where to start, even famous women have had more than one slip when it comes to makeup and hairdressing …

The ponytail, ideal for a smooth forehea

Something as simple as a very high ponytail and a clear forehead has a great anti-aging effect . Remember that it is always more favorable if we cover the elastic with a lock of hair and also give it movement by waving the ends. If your face is square or rectangular, let a few strands fall down the sides of the face to soften the features.

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