Why doesn’t the diet work? Here is your number one mistake

Why doesn’t the diet work? Here is your number one mistake

Doesn’t the diet work? Before giving up and switching to a new diet, try to correct what I call the number one mistake, a mistake that is often made unwittingly, let’s say in good faith. But before I tell you what mistake it is, I want to know one thing from you, and that is: what do you expect from a diet?
We all expect it to lead to weight loss, of course. But if we think we’re losing seven, eight kilos a month and instead lose three or two, I wouldn’t talk about failure at all. The diet does not work when after one or two weeks we do not drop by a pound, but if we drop by even two or three kilos it means that it is working and that maybe we have too drastic or unattainable goals if we do not want to regain the weight with the interests.

A lot of people tell me they are dissatisfied with their diets not because they don’t lose weight , but because they would like to see themselves slim right away. Ten kilos off, fifteen kilos off in a month. Attention, because the ideal weight loss is instead of two or three kilos maximum per month according to the guidelines of nutritionists and dieticians, that is, within or just over half a kilo per week. In this case, it’s not that the diet isn’t working, it’s that your weight loss expectations are too high.
Ask yourself: does it make sense to make a more drastic regime?What if this regimen lowered your metabolism faster and then the pounds came back? There. I am not completely against drastic diets, I just think that nine out of ten people should not do them if they do not know how to “cycle” them accurately, for example by doing two or three days of a more drastic diet versus four of normal nutrition, or keeping light afterwards. having eaten too much.

So before we think the diet isn’t working, let ‘s review our goals, asking ourselves how realistic they are. 
But what if our goals are already realistic (losing 3 kg per month), but we don’t drop by a pound?
On page two you will see mistake number one, the most frequent one, it may seem absurd, but the first reason why the diet does not work is that you are wrong . And you cheat in such a way as to invalidate the calorie deficit, I mean that considering the cheat or cheats in the end you do not lose weight because you have not cut enough calories as you think. This happens in two ways.

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