The easiest weight loss method in the world

The easiest weight loss method in the world

I have already talked about it in two articles, which maybe I will link below for those who want to deepen the matter, but before explaining the easiest weight loss method in the world (which is not cutting calories or reducing them, but indirectly will lead you to this result, and will help you if you suffer from nervous or uncontrolled hunger), I ask you a question. Have you ever observed yourself while eating something that you particularly liked, that you have a sweet tooth, or to observe yourself in general while you eat? Otherwise have you ever watched others eat, and especially people with excess weight problems? Here, start doing it, and especially look at how fast they eat. Think about how fast you eat when you are very hungry or when you want to indulge in a particular treat. There are people who eat in front of the PC, people who eat in the room, people who eat while walking, or in the car. And in particular, if you have seen any documentary about obese people or people who often go to fast food restaurants, you may have noticed this thing. 
The haste. A lot of people eat quickly, without even realizing it.

You will say: but if they count calories, why do I have to think about how long it takes to eat?
Because calories are nothing if you don’t control your sense of hunger. And hunger control is not self-control, but you get it by working on the sense of satiety. The more satisfying and filling a meal is for you, the more, indirectly, you will tend to eat less. That’s why I called it the easiest weight loss method in the world.
Not convinced? I’ll explain it to you with a study.
In a study published in these days, which lasted the beauty of five years, a group of researchers observed the eating habits of a group of people. On a sample of nearly sixty thousand people, the researchers saw thatthe people who ate the fastest were those who were overweight or obese . The leaner ones all ate slower, and in particular they had less belly.

Learning to eat slower and without distractions is the easiest weight loss method in the world. 
It increases the sense of satiety, reduces stress levels, enhances digestion and above all our brain receives (has the time to better understand) the message we are feeding. Often when we overeat or overeat it all happens in a few minutes. And we keep eating until our stomach bursts.
What if we were faced with a bag of pastries or a tempting plate of mixed fry, and we ate each bite slowly? I tell you. It would be very difficult to eat everything like when we eat in a hurry.
If diets are not for you and if you feel like you will never be able to fill yourself,try to count thirty seconds of chewing for each bite. It will be tough at first, but given how much time you waste on other diets, diets that don’t work and trying new ways to lose weight, why not try this one?
It doesn’t hurt, it reduces bloating, and maybe it will help you cut down on portions and have a better relationship with food.
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