The metabolism diet: find out which one is yours

The metabolism diet: find out which one is yours

Today I am talking about a very curious book , written by the American dietician Felicia Kliment , or Eat Right for your Metabolism Type , which can be translated as  Eat correctly according to your metabolic type.
This is a book on the metabolism diet that divides people into three different metabolic types.

There are carnivores, omnivores and farmers (the term for farmers would be “grain eaters”, actually).

And these differences according to the dietician are essential to understand if you want to eat without getting fat and without having health problems.


  1. Carnivores should eat meat, eggs, a little cheese, a little yogurt, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables (especially leaves), tubers.
    These people lose weight if they eat a Paleolithic diet , for example, but gain weight with a diet based on cereals such as the Mediterranean. They also work well with low-carb and ketogenic diets .
    They often have problems with starchy foods, dairy products and gluten.
  2. Omnivores can eat a balanced diet, and simply lose weight with a balanced low-calorie diet , the Zone diet or the Mediterranean diet.
    They can gain weight whether they eat a diet that is too high in protein or fat or low carb or a diet that is too high in carbohydrates and on a vegan basis.
    Generally this group includes people who stay fit without special dietary interventions. They can eat a little of everything, have no particular allergies or intolerances.
  3. Farmers , on the other hand, are those who benefit from a whole diet: their intestines work better with fiber, but it gets worse if they eat too much protein, especially animal proteins. They can go well with a Mediterranean diet of those rich in whole grains and low in animal proteins, let’s say “rural”.
    They can eat pasta, rice and whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables and potatoes without getting fat or having intolerances. Instead they respond badly to too fatty foods, to animal proteins from red meats, cheeses, fatty dairy products. The animal proteins for this type must come from fish and few skimmed dairy products, while the vegetable proteins do not give them problems. They lose weight and feel good even with a vegan, vegetarian or peach-vegan diet.


According to Kliment, our metabolic type is primarily the result of our cultural ancestry , that is, the population to which we belong by tradition.

The dietician explains in fact that the populations have diversified dietetically over the centuries and that their metabolism is the result of this adaptation.
For example, a Japanese eats millet, rice and tofu because his diet is the result of the diet of his people, and he digests these foods better along with fish, but he poorly digests the typical foods of an American diet, that is, foods rich in sugars. fried, meat.

But of course it is not enough to know which people we belong to to discover our metabolism diet .
Genetic, environmental and “intestinal” factors also come into play that can make us understand precisely what our metabolic type is.

But the point is this: We get fat when we eat foods that are not suitable for us. We do not digest them well, and starting from poor digestion the metabolism worsens, we tend to get fat or feel bad, and we are victims of a series of health problems that can however be traced back to how we eat.

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