Leaner without a diet with expert advice

Leaner without a diet with expert advice

Leaner, but without necessarily having to go on a diet: here are the strategies that experts recommend to lose weight over time without falling victim to dietary fads, but with a healthier and even softer approach to nutrition. Here’s how to behave at the table and not just to be leaner without a diet.

1) Move more, including working out, in the morning: training in the morning would allow us to burn 20% more calories than in the afternoon or evening.
2) Eat at least one very satisfying meal: in terms of calories, nutritious foods, gluttony, choose one meal a day in which you indulge yourself, balancing nutrients to avoid glycemic spikes. It could be breakfast, lunch or dinner. This will make you feel much less private and less inclined to eat out.
3) Make natural snacks, for example with fruit:fruit is often wrongly demonized. Oranges, kiwis, mandarins, red fruits, melon or watermelon are fruits that provide vitamins, minerals, fibers and antioxidants and affect well-being in general, but also on metabolism.

4) Prefer “challenging” carbohydrates: you prefer healthy and more demanding carbohydrate sources in terms of satiety. For example, grains are much more satisfying than a plate of spaghetti, a potato and vegetable salad has a very high satiety index, even higher than protein foods.
5) Let yourself be pampered (from time to time) by food:indulging in some whim, if we wish, silencing the voices that tell us not to, is psychologically useful, it is useful to stem stress and to maintain good habits on a daily basis. Better a little whim than a war against all foods

6) Make smart snacks: Eat smart snacks, like sliced ​​carrots, apple with almond butter or a handful of almonds, olives, cucumbers. Try to prepare them in advance and have them on hand instead of more caloric and greedy snacks that are real small meals.
7) Prepare fruit and vegetables (but also whole grains or legumes) in advance, and then freeze:often it is the boredom of having to cook to distance us from a healthy diet and make us prefer the rotisserie at home. Instead, shop and take just one day to cut, cook, freeze and store in the freezer or fridge. This time will translate into significant savings on the days of the week, and above all it will make ready meals outside the home less attractive.
8) Hydrate properly: acidify the water with lemon juice, or with cucumbers, lemon slices and infused mint. This will make it easier for you to hydrate properly.

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