Diet for the summer: that’s why it’s tough

Diet for the summer: that’s why it’s tough

Going on a diet for the summer? That may be a bad idea , according to Dr. Elizabeth Lowden , an endocrinologist and obesity expert. When you want to get in shape for the summer, the solution is always the same: try some drastic, quick remedy, and take an interest in it right at the last minute, after seeing yourself badly in costume, perhaps. But our brains, explains the doctor, are more skilled than us, and so are our hormones. If we do a crash diet, the body responds by raising the signals of the hunger hormone , ghrelin, and the body implements some defense strategies to return to the starting weight, for example by lowering the energy response, or metabolism. You want foods that are more dense in calories, the classic sinful foods.And it increases the stress. 
If in summer it is true that there are more fresh fruit and vegetables available, we should say no to every aperitif, going out, ice cream. At the same time, starting to train in the summer, in the heat, is a bad idea. It is one thing to do it two or three times a week, perhaps taking advantage of the free days to walk. Another is to think of going to the gym every day in the summer if you are not already trained. It means arriving beautifully exhausted in August. There are healthier ways to lose weight:

first of all, thinking about it first, and not a month before, but maybe six months or a year before. By including more fiber in your diet, choosing less artificial, less industrial foods, exercising, improving sleep and reducing stress. For those who want to do a diet for the summer, the doctor’s advice is to just let it go , and instead start immediately to improve your lifestyle forever.
The results won’t come after a month, and maybe we’ll be fit for the next year. But at least we will avoid falling into the trap of the lightning diet that will then make us regain weight already on vacation.

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