Donald Trump on a Diet: Here are the President’s Smart Substitutions

Donald Trump on a Diet: Here are the President’s Smart Substitutions

Donald Trump went on a diet : I had already talked about his diet , strongly oriented towards the consumption of fast food food from large American chains, clearly sponsored in his photos on social media. But the President of the United States in recent times, due to stress and well, a star-and-stripe diet which evidently did not do him so much good, has gotten fatter . This was revealed by his own doctor, saying that, due to being overweight, Donald Trump would have to go on a diet.

In fact, he would weigh around 120 kilos , which even considering his height, is a good weight, and he would have started with small intelligent replacements to immediately lose at least 10 kilos, as the newspapers report: the White House cook was thus ordered to cooking dishes that are less dense in calories and fat, and the President was recommended to walk every day and also do some sport. In general he has to cut 500 calories a day , and these are the indications that the President is following to succeed:
– zero coke instead of the normal one (he drinks 12 cans a day, however) – hamburger without bread instead of the hamburger bun ( or with just the bread below) – sole instead of the steaks he loves

– salad or a vegetable cream before the main course.
– just ketchup or mustard instead of mayonnaise and other sauces

– no burger fries
– pizza without eating the ledge

And if a busy man like him is managing to lose weight despite travel, banquets and appetizers, and a messy life, maybe we really can all do it!

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