System 20, Dr. Oz’s diet to lose 10 kg

System 20, Dr. Oz’s diet to lose 10 kg

Reduce belly fat, deflate belly and stomach, lose body fat, reduce blood sugar and cholesterol, lower your biological age by 2 years, reduce blood pressure, improve your health overall.

This is what “System 20” or System 20 promises , Dr. Oz’s new diet to lose 10 kilos, perhaps the most ambitious of all. In fact it is called a system and not a diet, properly speaking, because it is not a weight loss regimen like the others. There are rules to follow , a food list and one day a week of total food freedom.

Designed for those who want to revolutionize their diet and lifestyle, it gives real results, and allows you to lose at least 10 kilos in two months. It was developed by a team of nutritionists and scientists and appeared for the first time ever on January 6, 2020. Let’s see the foods allowed, the advice for those who want to take this path and the outline with the rules.

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