Discovered the supplement that reduces blood sugar

Discovered the supplement that reduces blood sugar

New research by the Okanagan campus of the University of British Columbia reveals that there is a supplement to lower blood sugar, based on ketones.
Ketones are those substances that can be used by the body for energy, and which are naturally produced in two ways.
With fasting (fasting ketosis). Or with a ketogenic diet, which generally has very few carbohydrates, equal to 5% of the daily requirement. But for those who want to enjoy the benefits of the ketogenic diet without having a diet that can also have side effects, this ketone supplement can reduce blood sugar levels.


This supplement is already on the market, in liquid form, as a drink, generally used by athletes. The researchers then offered the ketone drink to 15 people with type 2 diabetes or hyperglycemia in the morning after fasting overnight. After half an hour they gave the participants 75 grams of glucose, and saw that their blood sugar did not rise as it should but dropped by 11%. Nor did the insulin go up.

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