Shikakai hair wrap

Shikakai hair wrap

Here’s how to make shampoo with Shikakai natural powder, a pack traditionally used by Indian women to deeply cleanse and nourish hair and scalp.

Shikakai hair wrap

Shikakai, natural powder for the well-being of the hair 

Shikakai is the Indian and most common name of the Asian plant Acacia Concinna , the powder of which is obtained by crushing the bark, pods and fruit.

Rich in saponins and nutrients, since time immemorial this precious product and gift of nature has been used above all by Indian women for the care and cleaning of skin and hair .

Shikakai in fact means “fruit for the hair”, also known in the Ayurvedic tradition , this powder has foaming and cleansing properties , helps to clean the scalp in a non-aggressive way and to regulate sebum production, counteracting dandruff and stimulating the roots at the same time. and promoting healthy hair growth.

Therefore, used successfully by those with oily or greasy hair, shikakai powder can be mixed with others – for example  amla , methi or kapoor – for those with dry hair . 

Basic shikakai wrap: how to do it


> Shikakai powder (three tablespoons for medium length);
> hot water to taste.

Put the natural shikakai powder in a bowl, add very hot water slowly, until a homogeneous and creamy mixture is obtained. Once it has cooled, it is applied by spreading it on dirty hair , leaving it on in a humid environment or wrapped in a film for at least 10 minutes, without it becoming dry. Rinse the ipmacco thoroughly and dry your hair as usual.

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Variants of the shikakai wrap

Those with dry hair can still use this natural shampoo . The advice is to do as the Indian women, who, before proceeding to spread the compress, leave on the hair for at least a couple of hours of vegetable oil , such as coconut oil , jojoba or castor .

For those wishing to give a touch of natural reflection on the hair , know that the constant use of shikakai can give a slightly darkening effect to the hair, which is especially noticeable on the light ones.

To wash your hair naturally without having the annoying problem of dust not coming off and sticking to it, you can also proceed by making a washing infusion of shikakai , which is left to rest for at least a quarter of an hour in boiling water and then filtered with gauze or a very fine mesh strainer. It is used as a normal liquid shampoo, massaging and rubbing the skin.

Finally, here is a useful video to make an Ayurvedic hair mask , based on Shikakai, amla, and rose water.


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