Throat, homeopathic natural remedies

Throat, homeopathic natural remedies

Pharyngitis  (commonly called ” sore  throat “) is an  acute or chronic inflammatory pathology that affects the pharyngeal tract  often as a result of ongoing acute inflammation such as tonsillitis, pollinosis or candidiasis of the oral cavity and accompanied by  cough  and secretions catarrhals. Let’s find out how to cure it with homeopathic remedies.

>   1. Causes and Symptoms of Throat Disorders

>   2. How to interpret the symptoms

>   3. Homeopathic remedies for  throat ailments

Causes and Symptoms of Throat Disorders

The most characteristic symptoms of acute pharyngitis are localized pain, inflammation of the cervical lymph nodes , increased body temperature, difficulty and pain in swallowing , redness, congestion of the pharyngeal mucosa and sometimes inflamed and enlarged tonsils .

In chronic pharyngitis, in addition to local pain, lowering of the voice, mild but persistent fever, frequent need both to swallow and to scratch the throat with frequent coughs are found. In many cases, the chronic form may initially be symptom-free.

Only later do cough and constant desire to scratch the throat appear, especially in the morning , upon awakening, due to the mucus that has deposited during the night.

How to interpret the symptoms

According to a psychosomatic interpretation , pharyngitis is the expression of a conflict caused by “fiery” words that were meant to be said , expressed, but were held back.

It represents unexpressed anger, blocked creativity, stubborn obstinacy, communication difficulties, difficulty communicating to support oneself, difficulty or refusal to transpose.

The individual would like to speak but the words are held in the throat and cannot express themselves freely and completely. He fears being judged and not understood and a reaction of fear is triggered, fear of facing the judgment of others with courage and responsibility. Other times he instead he can experience the feeling of having talked too much and inappropriately.

Discover remedies for children’s sore throats

Cough and sore throat in children

Homeopathic remedies for throat ailments

  • Aconitum napellus   30CH : sudden pain in the throat after exposure to cold and dry air or wind; characterized by a sore and red, hot throat, with a burning sensation. Administer within the first 24 hours of the onset of symptoms. Anxious and restless. Dry and swollen tonsils. Feeling of choking when swallowing.
  • Apis mellifica 30CH : localized swelling on the right side. Stinging pain with severe burning. Swollen and red tonsils. Pain is made worse by swallowing solid, acidic, or hot foods. The pain instead improves with the cool and cold drinks. Poor desire to drink.
  • Belladonna 30CH : sudden onset sore throat, red and swollen throat with a strong burning sensation. The throbbing pain is usually localized on the right side. Swallowing is extremely painful: she wants to swallow but she feels like she is suffocating. Desire for cold and iced drinks, especially acidic ( lemon  and citrus).
  • Hepar sulphuricum 30CH : sensitive and sore throat accompanied by the sensation of having a thorn or fishbone in the throat. The cervical glands and tonsils can be swollen and painful. The stinging pain radiates to the ear when swallowing.
  • Lachesis muta 30CH : pain in the throat localized on the left side that tends to become more and more intense or that moves to the right side. The pain becomes unbearable when swallowing saliva. The pain is constricting. The subject complains of constriction in the throat and sensitivity to the slightest pressure (scarf, shirt collar, etc.). During the sore throat he craves for alcohol.
  • Lycopodium 30CH : The sensation of pain in the throat is usually localized on the right side and radiates to the left side. He has a feeling of constriction in his throat that leads him to swallow frequently. 
  • Phytolocca 30CH : this remedy is often confused with Belladonna due to the similarity of the symptomatic manifestation. In typical Phytolacca sore throat the throat appears swollen and red with a pain that extends to the ear when swallowing (like Belladonna). In Phytolacca the subject complains of a sensation of a knot or a hot ball in the throat that moves along the trachea during swallowing and obstructing the passage of air and food.

What is reported in the following sheets must not be used as a substitute for any medical therapy, but only as its support. If the disorder persists, consult a professional homeopath. Self-medication is only advisable in mild acute cases.
Recommended dosages and posologies should not be abused. Stop taking the homeopathic medicine at the first sign of improvement of the disorder
Recommended dosage: 30 CH in granules, 1 sublingual granule every 10 minutes for a one-hour cycle. If necessary, 1 granule 3 times a day in the 2-3 days following the first intake.

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