This morning Razer announced the arrival, around May / June 2017, of a new gaming mouse, Razer Lancehead: peculiarities …

This morning Razer announced the arrival, around May / June 2017, of a new gaming mouse, Razer Lancehead : a peculiarity of this, will be its wireless component, often despised by gamers. The mouse in question will use the Adaptive Frequency Technology (AFT), proprietary to Razer: this technology arises from the need to create stability in the input transmission, and takes advantage of the automatic switching between the various channels of the 2. GHz band.

Hence, any possible lag between the Razer Lancehead and the PC disappears, creating a tune similar to that of wired mice. It doesn’t end there: the mouse, equipped with a 5G laser sensor , offers 16,000 true DPI , a tracking at 210 inches per second (IPS) and an acceleration of 50 G. It will also arrive, with Razer Lancehead, the Razer Synapse Pro (Beta ), software that will allow you to save the configurations directly on the devices or in the cloud of your account, making the device also portable.

In terms of components, Razer Lancehead features  Razer ™ Mechanical Mouse Switches , designed with Omron, which enable up to 50 million clicks and are optimized to deliver the response times needed in gaming. If the wireless mouse isn’t your thing, Razer will also launch the Lancehead Tournament Edition , with the same specs as its wireless version, but with a tracking speed of 450 IPS and an accuracy of 99.4 percent (resolution). There will be Chroma functionality, to customize the device to the best of your needs: with Lancehead, Razer decides to open a new series of Chroma devices, which will soon arrive on the market.

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