How is a snail slime face cream made?

How is a snail slime face cream made?

Snail slime face cream is a skincare product rich in important active ingredients. It is a source of collagen, elastin and other essential substances for the well-being of the skin ; it is not greasy, does not dirty and is available in numerous formulations to satisfy any need.

These preparations can be for dry, oily, mixed or sensitive skin, or specifically anti- wrinkle or anti- acne . There are also organic face creams , certified and with a strong anti-aging effect. Snail slime is an excellent adjuvant to combat a series of imperfections , linked to the passage of time, to the hormonal factor, to an unhealthy diet and so on.

But how do you get the drool from molluscs? Is the procedure invasive for animals? The team of Nuvò Cosmetic , a leading company in the wellness sector , explained to us everything you need to know on the subject. We have discovered that the extraction methods used are green , and that there are some really useful tricks to perform all the operations in the best possible way!

What are the most suitable conditions for obtaining slime from snails?

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Let’s start by specifying that snails need an environment suitable for their biological cycle. These specimens feed on the green leaves of the plants : it is essential that the latter are no higher than 25 cm, and therefore they must be pruned regularly.

To promote the development and health of snails , radicchio, cabbage and beets are ideal. Vegetables that provide high amounts of vitamins and minerals. Obviously it is necessary that the space is protected, and that there is at least one fence that blocks the entry of foxes and wild boars.

In general, moreover, snails shelter during the day because they suffer from the intense rays of the sun, and live mainly at night. Heliculturists must wake up at dawn to perform all the steps to extract the drool. Finally, the farm soil needs to be clayey and absorb excess water: otherwise puddles that are dangerous for molluscs could form.

What prompts snails to emit drool?

In this context, the slime is obtained with a very delicate technique , conceived in full respect of snails.

That is, the animals are first of all placed in a large tank , so that their shells do not touch each other. A contact could annoy and cause stress to the specimens. The snails are subjected to a wash with warm water, and then to a light massage during which they emit the drool.

Everything ends with another washing , after which the snails return to the territory. The process is not repeated until 30 days , so that the molluscs rest completely. A curiosity: these animals feed on their own drool and use it to slide on surfaces, but they can’t stand that of other snails. This is why we make sure that the shells do not even touch!

What happens after the extraction?

The slime is collected in containers , and taken to the laboratory where it is filtered with the utmost care. The result is a high quality product, the basis of skincare items. The substance is also sterilized , to eliminate a bacterial load which is however small in itself.

Not everyone knows, but raw slime is liquid and cloudy. Its appearance changes after laboratory treatments.

Why is snail slime face cream good for you?

Snail Slime Face Cream is extremely beneficial for a number of reasons. Before delving into them, we want to specify that the preparation can also be purchased in an organic version: the organic Nuvò snail slime cream contains a percentage of slime equal to 72%, is certified and consistent with the highest standards.

To answer the main question, this cosmetic is a source of collagen, glycolic acid, elastin, allantoin and mucopolysaccharides. It is moisturizing and exfoliating : it contributes to the elimination of dead cells , which accumulate in the pores and make the skin unable to breathe properly.

In addition, this ingredient is an antioxidant and adjuvant against the signs of aging, it is soothing and also has antibacterial properties . Its regular use makes the skin smoother and brighter, healthier and decidedly youthful.

To find out more: the Nuvò Cosmetic brand

We interviewed the Nuvò Cosmetic team , the Italian company that has its own snail farm in the hills of Lake Garda. The brand offers an efficient and professional service , and a varied, transversal catalog, suitable for all needs.

As also emerged from the words of the staff members, Nuvò shows enormous attention to the environment and nature. His vision is “green”, in line with the protection of the ecosystem and the planet in general. This value is combined with the desire to safeguard people’s health , with ad hoc formulations for all types of skin. Excellence goes hand in hand with a deeply eco-friendly philosophy!

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