If I tell you Creative, for sure you will think about everything related to sound, sound cards and peripherals to enjoy the best of the best bass …

If I tell you Creative, for sure you will think about everything related to sound, sound cards and peripherals to enjoy the best bass of your favorite video game. Yet innovation is at the heart of a sector as fluid as that of gaming and Creative magically, after years of study, comes out with a brand new modern, colorful and beautifully ergonomic mouse: the Sound BlasterX Siege M04 . The mouse has been carefully created, analyzing the needs of users, whether they are professional gamers or simple users of a mid-level PC.

Technically speaking, the device is equipped with a high-speed infrared gaming sensor : a button on the back of the mouse will allow you to vary between the three levels of DPI present (maximum 12,000 DPI), through an instant click, and 7 total buttons will be fully programmable. through the dedicated software. In the lower part of the mouse we will find a multicolored luminous band , always customizable through the program and able to reactively adapt to the sound coming out of our computer.

As for ergonomics, the mouse features a fingerprint-resistant , rubber-coated surface on the side and a design that fits beautifully in your hand – right-handed of course. There is currently no version for left-handed, but future production is not excluded.

Two vital technical details must be analyzed in the best possible way: the 12,000 DPI of the mouse are native, that is, they do not require the use of software or interpolation, making the mouse sensitivity better. In addition, the report speed that the mouse has goes up to 1000 Hz : you got it right, the mouse sends updates to the computer 1000 times per second, something unimaginable.

The packaging of the product is shown in the best way, with a resistant box and all the information related to the mouse inside. Already from the outside it shows itself for what it is, that is a new mouse, a fusion of all the best versions of those on the market: it certainly cannot compete alone against mice dedicated to a style of play , given that the  Sound BlasterX Siege M04 it has a standard handle and a system dedicated mainly to no game, but adaptable to all .

In conclusion, we are talking about the first product dedicated to this type of peripherals by Creative and the result is crazy: such a mouse, which falls like a bolt from the blue, manages to reach high standards at a ridiculously low price, around 79 euros , competing on a market full of brands, in the way that only Creative can do, that is, with their heads held high and with affordable but still high technology.

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