Quick Weight Loss? Here’s why not.

Quick Weight Loss? Here’s why not.

Rapid weight loss, as we know, often and for most of the weight lost equates to a loss of water, or a form of dehydration: obviously, however, the body is a complex machine, and when we look for diets that they want to lose three kilos a week, we should stop and think for a moment, asking ourselves about two issues. One: What will this weight loss mean in our body in terms of health? Two: will we then be able to maintain the new weight? While in the second case the statistic is valid, which speaks of a weight recovery in ninety percent of cases, especially when rapid weight loss does not correspond to a revolution in our way of eating, but only to a transitory eating behavior, dictated by a disposable diet, in the first case the answer is much more complex and can be translated as follows: none of us really have any idea! According to this article, which can obviously be shared, the body is the protagonist of a series of complicated chemical balances , and every rapid weight loss disrupts, and not in a good way, all its regulatory mechanisms, causing it a strong stress especially in the internal organs, altering the electrolytic and nutritional process. The results are:strange people
slowed metabolism, hormones high, for women absence or changes in the cycle resulting in pain, effects of dehydration, weakness, asthenia, difficulty concentrating, muscle aches and cramps, cognitive problems, hair loss.

A fortiori, diets lasting one or two weeks are harmful : it will be much more likely that after messing up our body, it will react with defensive mechanisms in the medium term. For example, pushing us to eat more fat and sugar at the end of the diet, assimilating every crumb more.
At that point, the stress to stay in the weight achieved after a rapid weight loss increases, with subsequent food penalties that we will not be able to withstand for a long time. The solution? Regardless of how many pounds you want to lose and how severe your overweight is, a one or two week diet is never the right way. A new and sustainable diet, a healthy lifestyle yes. But no tricks.

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