Detox smoothies? Here are mine!

Detox smoothies? Here are mine!

I am not a lover of smoothies and centrifuged: often fruit-only smoothies have a high glycemic index (which does not depend only on the fruit, but precisely on the preparation process that modifies the fibers to the advantage of fructose), but I must say that smoothies with a mix of vegetables and fruits and other substances not only do not have this problem , but they really make a difference and can help us fill up on vitamins and minerals that help us:
– stay fit
– detoxify (from stress , from poor digestion, from a diet a bit like that)
– help intestinal regularity
– make us lose weight
– reduce hunger cramps and the desire for sugar
– satiate
It’s amazing, but, at least for the green variety, whenever I can, and since I discovered them on a London trip, detox smoothies have become my passion. Here are two recipes of detox smoothies in green where the mix of vegetables and fruit makes the taste palatable and immediately gives you an incredible feeling of satisfaction and well-being.

Blend together a cucumber, a stick of celery, two cups of raw spinach, a cup of water, the juice of half a lemon, half a teaspoon of chia seeds, cinnamon to taste, a pinch of ginger (optional spices), a cup of romaine lettuce, fresh mint (optional), a cup of kale leaves (optional) and half a ripe banana. Add half a cup of water if it seems too thick. As an alternative to water you can use coconut water, but it goes from 150 calories of the smoothie (if you drink it all) to 300. Which can be an idea if you drink one in the middle of the morning and one in the middle. afternoon. Excellent for metabolism and draining.
– Blend a whole green apple with a cucumber, half raw fennel, two sticks of celery, juice of half a lemon, two cups of raw spinach, two cups of romaine lettuce, parsley (leaves only) and water until you have a smoothie medium density. Absolutely top if you add a spoonful of wheatgrass powder. Draining and slimming thanks to the combined action of vegetables and chlorophyll.

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