The mistakes that prevent you from losing weight / 2

The mistakes that prevent you from losing weight / 2

As I said in the previous article ( you can find it here ) it is very important to change some behaviors that sabotage our desire to lose weight and all the related and connected sacrifices. Here’s what you’re wrong, in short, if you can’t lose weight despite having the impression that you are doing just about everything: 
– Fixing yourself with the scale:
 you start the diet without knowing a fundamental thing. Your body decides when to lose weight, not you. Those who are waiting for the first few days to have results are getting excited or depressed by the fluctuations of the water, not the meat. Relying totally on the fluctuations of the balance and not on common sense makes us slaves to a number that unfortunately does not represent us as we believe. We continue to eat in a balanced way, the results will be noticed.
– The boredom of vegetables: are you among those who eat vegetables as if it were all hemlock? Try to have a more positive and creative approach with vegetables: go with velvety, centrifuged, creatively roasted vegetables, such as large grilled peppers, tomatoes, potato slices and courgettes with various seeds, a splash of oil, a chopped garlic and parsley; fennel and envy au gratin for a dish with a draining effect, vegetable trays, crudité with yogurt cream or hummus, etc. The more we live the vegetables with panache, the less we will have the lasagna water

– You don’t drink enough water: when in a diet you find written to drink at least one and a half liters of water this is not a negligible info. Water is very important. Even when we go too far, drink too much or eat too salty, the more we drink water the sooner we allow our body to recover from the important meal. Drinking two large glasses before meals, according to research from Virginia Tech University, allows you to shed more pounds while dieting.
– “Finish what you have on your plate!”: it hurts to say, food waste is ugly. But if we feel full in the middle of a meal, we must never ignore it. Indeed, we must support it, to train ourselves to be more sensitive to the signals of our body. So the dish is finished in half and what is wrong we can finish it later or keep it. At the restaurant? I now ask for a bag to take away the leftovers (those that can be easily recovered, of course) and if a food ordered seems too sweet or too fatty, it is nowhere written that I have to finish it by force. I’m not my mother.
– Be impervious to external attacks: the love of your life can be jealous / jealous of your attempts to make a healthier life. The same friends. On the one hand they feel judged for their choices (you are making better choices, they are not), on the other they fear this new independence on your part (jealousy, as I said, or even envy). Don’t listen to them. The body is yours and coming to terms with the judgment of others and then suffering your extra pounds in silence is a clear own goal. Don’t care!

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