Natural hair products

Natural hair products

In summer, contact with sea water or the sun’s rays can dry out and wear out your hair. The same trend can also occur during the rest of the year: wind, chlorine, chemical agents damage the structure, making them dry and dull. Let’s see with which natural products we can restore their beauty and vitality

Natural hair products

Natural hair products nourish and restructure our damaged hair, and help them defend against the aggression of sunlight, salt, wind, swimming pool chlorine, chemical treatments (dyes, drafts, perms) or mechanical treatments.

For this reason it is important to resort to remedies from nature, capable of giving new vitality to our hair through a correct diet rich in antioxidants , amino acids , mineral salts and vitamins ; and natural products to apply on our hair, such as the precious vegetable oils. 

Natural hair products to strengthen and nourish them from the inside

  • Wheat germ : its benefits derive from the presence of precious  vitamins of group B  (B1, B3, B5 and B6), lecithin , provitamin A , D, but what most characterizes it is the presence in a high percentage of vitamin E , which plays a very important antioxidant action  on tissue cells, able to counteract the level of free radicals. More and more studies agree on the implications of free radicals in the aging process and related pathologies. Wheat germ can be found as vegetable oil , in flakes and can be added raw, in dishes as a condiment in salads, sauces, etc.
  • Oily seeds : real treasures of well-being, oily seeds and fruits are rich in properties that are difficult to find in other foods and indispensable for the body. They have a dual healing and food purpose. Oil seeds, such as flax seeds, are valuable sources of essential fatty acids , which nourish the hair and help regulate the production of sebum . Among these we also remember almonds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. 
  • Foods rich in proteins : eggs, meat, fish, brewer’s yeast give volume and shine thanks to the presence of vitamin B5 which fortifies , reduces the formation of split ends , makes hair easy to comb and counteracts the formation of white hair. These food products contain amino acids  such as cystine and lysine, which make up the keratin of the hair; biotin and vitamin A which strengthen its structure .
  • Whole grains : rice, kamut, barley, spelled, amaranth, wheat provide fiber , vitamins , such as the very important vitamin B 12 , often lacking in vegetarian diets, iron and carbohydrates, essential for keeping  hair  healthy and vital . 
  • Fruits and vegetables : especially carrots , parsley and spinach are very important sources of nutrients, such as vitamins , mineral salts . The main constituents are represented by iron , phosphorus , calcium , potassium , sodium , magnesium and copper , as well as vitamins C, vitamin D, E and those of the B complex. More generally, the beautiful natural hair color is preserved over time by avoiding smoking (which accelerates bleaching) and with a diet rich in antioxidants:green leafy  vegetables such as chicory, cabbage and broccoli, yellow and orange vegetables and fruits such as apricots, pumpkins, persimmons, and then legumes.
  • Brewer’s yeast : Its consumption has beneficial effects on the intestinal bacterial flora, on the skin, nails and hair. Furthermore, a dietary supplement with brewer’s yeast improves the appearance of the hair by replacing our hair with all the substances necessary to maintain their health and beauty .

The properties and uses of murumuru butter for hair

Natural hair products to protect and nourish them from the outside

The vegetable oils used in compresses, masks or balms , before washing can be used absolute or mixed together to take advantage of the different properties or together with other substances, such as yogurt and honey . 

  • Linseed oil : it is the elective remedy for hair beauty. Linseed oil is used to nourish dull , brittle and damaged hair . A diet rich in this vegetable oil provides a high percentage of essential polyunsaturated  fatty acids such as omega 3-6 or vitamin F , nutrients that the body is unable to produce.
  • Castor oil: it is used in the treatment of  brittle and dry hair , or hair that breaks easily, as it has a nourishing ,  strengthening ,  restructuring and  softening action . In fact, it manages to rebalance the quantity of fat in the hair fiber (which is lost above all in the shaft and in the tips), preventing their weakening and above all avoiding the formation of split ends. Very  dense  and  filming , but not easy to use pure because it is particularly dense, it is good to combine it with sweet almond oil  in the quantities of two parts of the latter for each part of castor oil.
  • Coconut oil : making compresses before shampooing with coconut oil delays graying (white hair), nourishes and polishes the stem , increasing the volume of the hair and enhancing its shine.
  • Shea butter: the high concentration of Vitamin E makes it particularly suitable for nourishing dry hair, protecting dry hair from external agents such as wind, sun, cold. This buttery-looking vegetable lipid is gaining more and more success in natural cosmetics, thanks to its  protective, emollient and moisturizing properties.  It protects and elasticises the tissues, because it strengthens the insufficient hydrolipidic film, the lack of which causes dryness, dehydration and flaking. A few compresses are enough before shampooing, to restore strength and vitality to even the most used, brittle and dry hair.
  • Argan oil : thanks to the presence of vitamin E and antioxidants, it carries out a protective action on the skin , preserving it from external agents such as the sun or cold and smog. This vegetable oil is used in natural cosmetics for face and body care, as it nourishes and moisturizes both the  skin  and  hair that is dry, fragile, brittle and lacking in shine or damaged by the sun and the sea .

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