Symptoms, ailments, remedies

Symptoms, ailments, remedies

A list of symptoms and diseases and their natural remedies. Approaching natural medicines and traditional healing methods is a good way to take the holistic approach to the disorder and have an overview of the world of cures that nature offers. 

Symptoms and diseases seen up close

Diseases such as insomnia, anxiety, stress or panic attacks are alterations of a harmonic state that belongs to us as human beings; natural medicines allow you to re-establish the lost balance in depth and lead to natural health .  The symbology expressed in the patient’s symptoms is very important ; feeling a pain in the shoulders as if you had been stabbed can be traced back to a betrayal or an emotion not listened to, to an abuse suffered.

Similarly, the difficulty in digesting can be interpreted as a difficulty in assimilating, in not managing well the relationship with others. In psychosomatics also constipation and diarrhea have, for example, strong relationships in the relationship with the mother or with the energies of those who gave us life.

From symptom to remedy

Listen to the symptom , understand the disease , look for the natural remedy . The process seems intuitive and instead it is a real path of self-knowledge. Illnesses and symptoms are not  errors in programming  made by Nature, but rather  sensible and specific mechanisms  that can be understood both on a biological and psycho-spiritual level. 

Accepting life and what it offers us also means interpreting the questions that often arise in the form of manifestations of physical and psychophysical discomfort. Dissolving and resolving the emotional dimension helps rebalance the centers and harmonize. 

The self- healing process contemplates the possibility of conceiving disease as a question that the system has already answered. In some currents of thought relating to psychoanalysis, illness becomes the visible manifestation of the unconscious. By healing, consciousness evolves and spirituality approaches an authentic form.

Our symptom and disease factsheets 

We believe that the path of natural healing begins with  knowledge . In this section you will find a complete list of symptoms and diseases associated with natural remedies, with a series of suggestions to make the most of the precious elements that nature offers us. From nutrition to  phytotherapy , up to  Bach flowers and essential oils,  including complex care systems such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and homeopathy. 

Please do not rely on closed eyes, because these are generic indications and each of us is a cluster of the universe that responds to different treatments. We then draw attention to the fact that these are indicative cards and these contents cannot in any way replace self-listening and the relationship with the therapist; we would just like to give you some indications on how to listen to the symptom, do not underestimate it and approach the disease while maintaining contact with nature.

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