Importance of Healthy food| healthy life

Importance of Healthy food:

Importance of Healthy food
Importance of Healthy food

Todays in busy life, we have not time to eat proper and healthy foods, there are snacks in the hand of Ali and he is running for School bus. This makes us fast but not healthy. Health is soul of a body. And food is most important for good health. In this article I will discuss about age wise importance of healthy food, Rational and Irrational behavior, Nutracutical and Importance of food in sports nutrition. Here we are focusing only on importance of nutrition instead of other health therapies.

Age wise importance of healthy food:

Food is not only for appetite, its nutrients are use to make a healthy body. Healthy food is important in throughout the life. In every age health is most important that can be achieved by proper and good food.
For Example in the age of pregnancy zinc and folic acid is most important. For mother as well as her baby. If we will give proper and healthy food to mother then baby will also healthy.
As it in the age after birth that is called infant age, Nutrition is most important in this age only exclusive and complimentary feeding is allowed for first 6 months, after that soft diet will allow. Some feeding formulas also used in this age.

After infant age

, child nutrition is also important because it is an age in which bones and brain cells grow. If we ignore this age than we will face severe condition. Mashed food with love and care is used in this age.
As it in adult and old age we should care about health with healthy foods. Iron is most important in puberty. Calcium is most important to develop proper bones muscle growth.
And these all above nutrients naturally present in food. If we will focus on our food then we can take all nutrients in adequate time.

Rational and Irrational behavior:

Psychologically there are two types of feeding behavior,
Rational behavior
Irrational behavior
Rational behavior:
In which we are proper aware about healthy diet. We eat according to requirement. This is not bad for health. Rational behavior is most important for proper health.
Irrational behavior:
In this type of feeding behavior we are not aware about healthy food. We will eat irrationally in some conditions such as Urophagia(Nonfood eating). Irrational behavior is responsible for unhealthy life. Some diseases are cause by irrational feeding, such as obesity, hypertension and hyperglycemia.

Nutraceutical:|Importance of Healthy food

Food nutrients are natural source to cure diseases, Such as “spinach” should be used in Anemia. High fiber diet should be used in Diabetes, over weight and Hypertension. For example DASH diet is use to cure hypertension. Low Carb diet is use to cure obesity.
Some foods such as grapes, apples and leafy vegetables are rich in dietary fibers, and these fibers are responsible to cure constipation, to cure diabetes, to cure hypertension and other many diseases.
Unaware about Healthy food
Now in these days, we are unaware about proper health, we are unaware about human physiology and human anatomy due to this lack of knowledge we are not aware about healthy food and proper diet plan. Some guidelines are given below for proper diet plan and

healthy life.| Importance of Healthy food

Should be care about health hygiene
Be aware about nutritional value of food
Should be take required food at required time
would aware about human anatomy and physiology
Should be aware about Disease’s symptoms and treatment
would cure with natural resources
Features of Carbohydrate, Protein, and fat in our body:
Carbohydrate containing food is most important to full fill fuel in body as kcal. All cereals are rich in carbohydrates. Protein is use for development in our body. Meat, egg and Pulses are rich in protein. Fat are use as source of energy as well as it provide appetite.


At the end we can conclusion of this article is: We should be aware about healthy food and rational behavior to meet with our daily needs and for a healthy life. This site will provide you:
Proper diet plan, according to your life style,
A rational behavior to eat better and cure your self
Nutritional values of foods
Nutraceutical awareness
Awareness about Human Anatomy
Awareness about human Physiology

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