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Hypertension is sever condition that leads to cardiovascular diseases and heart attack. In previous time when there was no concept of it is called “High pulse beat”. Or it is also called high blood pressure. Today it is checked by digital meter but in previous time it was checked by pulse rate. In this article I will discuss completely about , its causes, its symptoms, treatment and diseases cause by hypertension. This article will focus on hypertension instead of cardiovascular diseases.

What is hypertension?|High blood pressure hypertension

High blood pressure in blood arteries is called hypertension. It is very sever condition that leads heart diseases. We can also say that high pressure on the walls of arteries is also called. It may be due to aging. While in adult age it causes many serious diseases. So we should always aware about its symptoms and causes as well as its treatment.

Measurements:|High blood pressure hypertension

If your systolic blood pressure is in the range of 120 – 129 then you are normal and you have not any disease while if your blood pressure is in the range of 130 – 139 then you are on the first stage of and you are going towards high blood pressure. If your blood pressure in the range of 140 – 145 or more than 145 then you have sever condition. It is the 2nd stage of.

blood High blood pressure hypertension pressure| 

If you have more than 170 or 180 blood pressure then you should to be immediately gone for hospital because it is sever condition and it will convert into heart attack. Always remember this is range for normal age person and it is a typical range. It may be changed in some cases for example in old men due to aging the normal blood pressure will be about 140.
How to check your blood pressure:

Symptoms:|High blood pressure hypertension

Some important symptoms for high blood pressures are give bellow. Hypertension is very sever disease. It may be silent or may be representing itself. In some condition it does appear physically while in some cases it has some symptoms and these symptoms are give below:
It is most common symptom of hypertension. Due to higher pressure on the walls of blood arteries we may feel headache.


High blood pressure may effect on eyes. Because high blood pressure in arties cause high pressure of blood that can affect vision power.
Chest pain:
The main and sever problem of hypertension is chest pain. It is due to the heart diseases that cause by hypertension. Actually hypertension and cardiovascular diseases are directly proportional to each other. If rate cardiovascular diseases increase in body then hypertension also increases due to atherosclerosis and if risk of / increase then rate cardiovascular diseases also increases. It leads chest pain.

Blood in urine:

It is also most common example in the case of stage 2. Hypertension leads to kidney failure because high blood pressure cannot filter through “glomerulus” and absorb as it in collecting duct through renal capillaries that cause removal of blood through urine.
There are many dietary causes of hypertension and some are genetics and age wise. Most common causes of are give below:


Aging causes narrowing and stiffness of veins that causes hypertension. With the passage of time blood pressure increases especially in the women in the age of 65.

Obesity is mother of diseases. Obesity is main cause and cardiovascular diseases.


Some researches show that  may cause genetically. If your father, mother and grandparents have  then you have also hypertensio.
Use of low quality fat:
There are two types of cholesterol LDL “bad cholesterol” and HDL “good cholesterol”. Fat that contain LDL may cause . Due to the stiffness and accumulation of plaque in arteries.
Low physical activity:
Due to less active and sedentary life style you may suffer hypertension. Change your life style and to active life style.


There are many medical and nutritional treatments are available, Some of them are give below:
Change your life style
If you want to take DASH diet plan then visit our article
Change your home use oil.
At the end we can say that hypertension is very dangerous diseases it may cause by genetics, some dietary issues, and by obesity. DASH diet is most important for .

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